Questfinder: Old Mage’s Keep

Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead…

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Welcome to Old Mage’s Keep!

This quest can be used as a direct follow up to Questfinder: Banshee’s Wail. You may take elements from this and forge your own path, use it directly as intended, or just skip the intro, but all-together, this questline is original and does not require you playthrough Questfinder: Banshee’s Wail first. 

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Last Time On Questfinder

We last found our party completing the quest offered by Quartermaster Whitley: putting the Kelhorns to rest and bringing him 3x items proving they’ve been found and dispatched. Your adventurers will have experienced the undeath that walks the lands, battled with monsters, and finally fought a Banshee. You’ve discovered that this plague of undeath is an agent spreading through the air; from a land to the west. Calsodor has been destroyed. Every man, woman, and child, has either died or been twisted into a monstrosity.

With the Banshee defeated and passed on into the next life, you return to Quartermaster Whitley. Whether he’s alive or dead, he thanks the party for completing this quest. If he dies he makes sure to leave a note thanking the party. The note also includes the location for his wealth, as promised at the beginning of the quest. His wealth is buried under the third Mill all the way at the north of the estate.

The party travels back to the top of Kelhorn’s lands, And makes their way to the place where the banshee fight went down. Unlike last time, the group now sees a boat on the stream. It’s a midsize boat and there’s no want to be seen on it. 

Hearty Boat

To the left, past the Mills, stands a person in the distance swiftly digging holes in the dirt. There are many holes and this person digs rapidly. Approach the figure and he will ask you to stay back and that he is armed for a fight. He claims that he has a full army on his boat with men ready to engage at any moment. All he has to do is whistle. 

Roll an Insight check to discover he’s lying and upon closer inspection they’ll realize this is a Tabaxi humanoid. He wears a hood to cover his face and other dark clothing to help them blend in. This person is quick to lie, but is very friendly and will ally with the group quite easily.

Ask his name and he’ll look around for a moment before saying his name is: Hearty… Boat! Hearty tells you that he was passing along on his way to Sundertown when Horst and a human woman flagged him down. Another small Elvish girl followed behind them, his daughter Estrid. The elf man begged Hearty to take his daughter away from this land. Undead were following close behind them. Hearty asked to be compensated and the human woman explained that there’s a chest here by the mills that would be his. 

The Tabaxi agreed, slowed his boat and allowed the young Elvish girl to climb aboard. Hearty explains that he took her to the next town over and delivered her to a clan of elves near Sundertown. Should the ground reveal the key or claim that the chest is theirs, he offers to split the rewards with you, as it was promised to him, as well. He also says he offers you passage out of these lands and takes you to Sundertown. 

The treasure inside is 800 gold pieces, a golden chalice with gemstones at the base, and a strange wand-looking device. 

Hearty claims that the chalice, the wand, and 450 gold pieces are his. He claims that he counted correctly and all these items are his. Roll a 10 persuasion or higher to change his mind and receive the other items. It will take a 15 persuasion or higher to get the remaining gold pieces. 

Hearty Boat’s Hearty Boat

On Heartys Boat, named: Hearty Boat’s Hearty Boat, he reveals that he’s a traveling merchant and has many wares available for you to purchase. Every item he sells begins with an additional two zeroes added to the price. For instance, if something costs 1 gold, he charges 100 gold, at first. Roll any form of charisma check, achieving a 10 or higher to bring the costs to a normal fee.

Here are his wares on a table:

ItemHearty PriceReal PriceDetails
Draught of the Nimble
1x available
5,000 GP50 GP. Lasts 1 hour. Gives the user +5 to DEX checks and DEX saving throws.
Masterwork Longsword1x50,000 GP500 GPWielding this weapon allows you to reroll a Nat 1.
Goodberry Cluster
1x Cluster
10.000 GP lot100 GPCluster of 10 goodberries. Eating a goodberry restores 1 HP. One berry also provides enough nourishment to sustain you for one day. Takes an action in combat to eat one berry.
Cage of Rock
10x Magic Rocks
5,000 GP lot50 GP lotHearty claims that these rocks are magical and when thrown, act as magic missles. Only upon using Detect Magic, can you see that these rocks really do have magic to them. To the naked eye, they look like normal rocks.
Healing Potions5x available8,000 GP80 GP each2d4+2 Healing
Dead Rats100 GP1 GP EachIt’s just dead rats
Broken Drum500 GP5 GPHearty plays this drum before you and accidentally breaks it, he still charges 500 GP for it, even if broken.
You may insert any items you see fit to this roster of wares

Here are his wares hidden in boxes:

Bag of Teeth100x10,000 GP100 GPMiscellaneous teeth from a variety of species; all kinds of shapes and sizes. 
Script to a play: The Rising Raven1x100,000 GP1,000 GPThis is a manuscript to a theater play called the Rising Raven. The script is imbued with magic, and grants the user a + 7 to a Performance Check, as long as they sing the words in the script
Bawdy Gnomish Stories1x1,000 GP10 GPStorybook of Legendary Gnome Heroes
Gallons of Ale22x 5,000 GP each50 GP eachRegular Ale
Book:Grimhammer & the Hellish Badlands1,000 GP10 GP
Wand of Webs1x90,000900 GPLaunch webs at your foes, freezing them in place for a turn. This wand can only be used by a Wizard, Warlock, Bard, or Sorcerer. It has 5 Charges and will break upon the 5th use.
You may insert any items you see fit to this roster of wares

Hearty tells you that you’re sailing to Sundertown now where he was last conducting business with the Magistrate, Mathias Hendrukt. Hearty wants to set up a store in Sundertown, since the town’s occupancy has grown in light of refugees. He sees this as a marketing opportunity, but needs the Magistrate to authorize the deal. Hearty may be rogue-like, but he always follows the rules… he claims.

Intro to Sundertown 

Ask about Sundertown and Hearty will describe it as a small town that has a history of magic use. Long ago a powerful mage fell in love with the woods of Sundertown, claiming that magic lived in the woods. He built a large keep and employed many from neighboring towns to come and work in his estate. Peoples from all over journeyed to Sundertown, establishing its township and calling it home. It is said that the mage disliked the strangers who traveled from far off lands, that by them coming the forests magic dissipated. He closed off the keep to all townsfolk. The keep remained shut for many years, no one going in or out.

One day, the doors miraculously opened. Sundertown-ites ventured inside, but to their surprise, the mage was gone! What remained, however, was magical puzzles, challenges, and obstacles. The Old Mage’s Keep turned into a place of horror to the Sundertown-ites. People would enter and never be seen again. 

Eventually the people would figure out the mysteries of the tower, disabling the magical enchantments into the Keep and turning the building into a base for many to use. To this day, the Sundertown folk believe every room has been found and dealt with, but many believe that this Old Mage’s Keep still has secrets waiting to see the light.

COMING SOON: PART 2 Invasion of the Blighthrall

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