Questions To Be A Better Role-Player

In this episode Game Master Craig breaks down Five Questions to ask your characters to get more in-tune with your character morals, motivations, and aspirations.

Role-Playing can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what your characters belief system is. How do they think? Why do they feel the way they do? What does their background look like? Some players find it easier to just play the game and discover the answers. There’s no problem with that! This method here is for those players who want to plan out their moves, understand who their character is, and live-out their characters thoughts.

1. Where were they raised?

This is an excellent question to figure out what life was like when they were a child. Were they royalty? Were they home-less? Do they even remember at all? Determining a prior life will help determine what they would want in life. Typically, the downtrodden, or those who raised with little, will seek out power, wealth, and adventure quicker than one who was raised with abundance.

2. What is their relationship with their parents?

Continuing from question one, a character’s relationship with their parents or guardians will greatly determine their future. Were their parents kind? Educated? What did they look like? What were their ethical beliefs? Did they even have parents at all? Maybe you were raised on the streets? Determining your character’s youth will greatly help you play-out a future.

3. What would a guardian angel say about them?

For this question, I want you to imagine you’re the character’s guardian angel, watching them make actions and live their lives. Are they good people? Do they live to help and serve others? Are they kind-spirited? Have they been dealt a “bad-hand?” These questions will help you determine how the world perceives you. Dig in deep with these questions. What would an outsider looking in say about you?

4. You find a lost wallet. What do you do?

This is a morality question. Your answer to this question will help you decide an alignment type. If you turn it it to authorities, you may be good. If you turn it in and ask for a reward, maybe you are chaotic good. Maybe you will keep it and the contents inside to save yourself the trouble. Any answer works here and will help you understand who your character serves. The world or themselves.

5. What is the worst way to die?

Death is a natural part of the story. What makes it interesting is how the story ends. Does your character have a particular fear? Do they have an underlying trauma? Your answers here add flavor to the character’s outcomes. Perhaps they underwent a traumatic moment in their youth and now they fear the bitter cold, or they will never get into a carriage again due to a vehicle accident. What makes your character vulnerable?

I hope these questions help you become a stronger role-player and that you find value in these five prompts. For more, you can find our full podcast here on Spotify. And see more from the Knights Board here.

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