Designing Spidey’s Webs | Todd McFarlane & Jim Salicrup

In this monumental panel, Jim Salicrup & Todd McFarlane break down the creative process of designing Spider-Man’s webs. Noted to be challenging to other artists, McFarlane & Salicrup’s webbing was made with a 3rd dimensional view in mind. “I just wanted to have something I could shoot towards camera and the way that everyone was drawing in that time was not conducive to doing that,” McFarlane says.

The legendary comic book writer later goes on to say: “We’re all a combination prior things we’ve seen before. We don’t create in a vacuum… I go, man, I learned my capes from those two “great guys,” I learned my buildings from “this,” I learned my machinery from George Perez… and what you end up doing is taking like 20-30 people and you may only like one or two things they do; then you mush it together, mix it up, and you spill it out. That becomes your personal style that’s unique. It’s a recipe that no one else is doing.” Artistic form and creativity is a culmination of inspirations we’ve consumed from other artists. “I think every artist can go back and dissect their own style and point to the people that were influencing them along the way.”

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