Purge-Knight Paladin Character Sheet

You swore an Oath of the Crown, pledging yourself to your kingdom. You fought for many levels, in honor of that pledge, but as the truth begins to reveal itself, you discover the kingdom you serve is just, as corrupt, as the monsters and villains you face on the battlefield. 

You confront the King, who deems you a traitor to the crown. The Guards close in on you, ready to slay without hesitation. You draw your sword and fight your way to the back of the chamber. Guardsmen fall; your friends, your brothers, all turned on you for standing up for your beliefs. Swords and pikes pierce your armor. An axe descends through the air, connecting with your forearm. The world becomes still. You hear your shield clang upon the stone ground beneath. The wounds take you to the ground. You think it’s all over, as your sight fades to black.

You awaken. The ground beneath you is sand. The air is crisp and the sky is dark. You know not where you are. Trying to sit up, you remember the clash in the King’s chamber. Your wounds are still too great and restrict you from sitting up. Darkness takes you again, as the pain is too much for any man to bear. Buzzards circle in the air above you, as your vision fades again to blackness. 

“Wake up!”, a booming voice demands from the shadows. You awaken, gasping for air. 

“Given up? Have you truly given up?” 

Your eyes dark from left to right, up and down, searching for where that grotesque, offensive sounding voice is coming from.

“Answer me!” The voice calls, distorting. “No,” you reply.

“Do you want vengeance from those who have betrayed you?”

It hurts too much to breathe. You cannot find the air to speak. Your vision begins to fade again. You summon all the strength to mutter the words “Yes.”

The ground opens beneath you. The sand crystalizes into a dark stone. Hellish fire rises from the crack in the ground, engulfing you in the light of the flame. You think this is the end, but realize, the fire does not burn. The flames are not hot; they are cold to your touch. You look at the place where your forearm would be and witness, as your limbs begins forming out of the fire. Black rocks form the likes of an arm with a hand. You feel the sensations return to the appendage, a new arm to replace your lost limb. The wounds across your body heal and you feel the urges of power itching at your finger tips.

Your people betrayed you and left you for dead. Your questioning and resistance to the crown was deemed an offense resulting in the breaking of your Paladin Oath. Now, with the help of your new found patron, and fallen paladin abilities, you will purge the kingdom you once called your home. Rise now, Oath-breaker Paladin; Purge Knight.

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