Brukec Dumak, Disgraced Warchief Character Sheet

Brukec was born and raised in Umbria; the lands beyond, uncharted by the mainlands of Evatell and its men. In his youth, Brukec was raised to be the leader of his tribe, the Warhorn Clan. He fought in countless battles and trained daily with his brethren. When Warchief Karnum fell on the battlefield, Brukec took up his clan’s banner and led the warriors to victory against the daemon invaders. From that point on, he would be the Warchief of the Warhorn Clan. Time progressed. Brukec led his people into a prosperous future. The lands bore much fruit and his clan expanded their reach, building settlements for more than just orcs. Life was great, until the Evatellan arrived.

War Continues

The unrest between Qauyus & Novruth, empires of Evatell, eventually led them to explore elsewhere. Ships arrived from both countries around the same time. With no councils to report too, their war erupted in Umbria. More ships came and began building outposts and settlements across the orc lands. Orcs were not respected by the Evatellans. Once they realized they had magic and numbers at their disposal, Evatellans started enslaving the orcs. They bound the men in chains, leaving the women and children behind. They meant to start ferrying the orcs back to Evatell and they almost succeeded.

A Final Effort

Brukec gathered his clansmen and the newly formed, allied, tribes of orcs for open war against the Evatellans. Warhorn, Qauyus, and Novruth all clashed on the Frokuh Fields. The orcs caught the Evatellans off guard, giving them an advantage early in the battle. This didn’t last long, however. Once the Evatellans started using magic, the battle swiftly went sour for the orcs. Many orcs fell that day. It is said the Frokuh Fields are still painted in the blood of the Warhorn orcs. There was no clear winner amongst the invaders, but it was clear the orcs failed. With many dead, and the remaining warriors now prisoners of war, Brukec included, they was no resistance to the Evatellan tyranny. Brukec was chained with his brethren and placed on a Qauyan ship, a disgraced leader who led his people to death and slavery.

The Maelstrom

The journey was a nightmare, as they tortured the orcs, forcing them to maintain the ships. What the Evatellans and orcs alike could not have predicted is that there are violently dangerous storms on these waters. In the middle of the night, a hurricane sprang upon them, causing unimaginable destruction to both Norvuth and Qauyan ships alike. Neither ones ships would make it to port. Both would sink that night, with countless casualties. Brukec clung to life on boards of wood from the obliterated ships; life and death on a pendulum. He waited, hanging on those planks for days, starving, melting under the hot summer sun. He bobbed in and out of consciousness. Death nearly took him, but something in the universe wanted this orc to live.

Upon New Shores

Brukec awoke on the boat of a fisherman, gasping for air. Stanmore and his son Jadyn Claridge pulled Brukec aboard, rescuing him from death. They brought him to their home in Southern Lakeland. Brukec was not the same, battle-hungry, orc he was before. In fact, these experiences had left him so devastated, he was hardly the same mentally. Now, he was a humbled, beaten orc, hardly able to wield great weapons or strategize as a tactician.

Loose Ends

Brukec thanked the Claridges for their generous hospitality and promised to repay them. He went in search of information that would lead him back home. To his disappointment, he would learn that both Qauyus & Novruth placed restrictions on traveling those oceans, as the weather was far too dangerous to travel through. It is believed that there were no survivors on those Evatellan ships. With no way home and no hope left, Brukec accepted his fate. He would eventually return to the Claridge family, the only friends he would find in the Lakelands and become a fisherman, supporting the family.

The Next Chapter

Brukec served the Claridge family for many years, becoming something of a guardian to young Jadyn after the untimely passing of Stanmore. Brukec found himself dedicating his life to the ideals of a cleric; seeking to bring himself inner peace and standing against authoritarian oppression of all peoples. Jadyn and Brukec would move to the Northern Lakelands, seeking new opportunities and hoping to find proper education for Jadyn. Twelve years have passed since the great battle. And each night he lies in bed reminiscing about it; never forgiving himself for failing his people, failing his wife, and failing his two sons.

The story begins here, but how it ends is entirely up to you. I can’t wait to see how you play out the story of Brukec Dumak, Peace Cleric of Umbria.

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