Kazrald Urugall, Blood Hunter Character Concept

Kazrald’s true origin is unknown. Some tavern dwellers will say he was raised by a pack of bears in the woods. Others claim he was made by an alchemist and came from a vial of toxin. One claimed that he was actually of noble birth, a bastard son of nobility in the northern reaches of Belathor.  This mysterious half-orc seems to have come from no-where.

Kazrald spends most of his days waiting for jobs in The Better Bees Inn, found in Lowtown of the Northern Lakelands. Kazrald has befriended Clipchuck, the Goblin owner, offering protection over the inn for a daily room. No one dares mess with Clipchuck or his Goblin family, lest they reap the wrath of Kazrald’s wicked curses. Legend says that Kazrald can inflict terrible curses upon enemies. Something not very common here in the Lakelands and greatly feared.

Rumors say that Kazrald is actually heartless, and only cares about coin. Man, women, and children all fear him.

The Pyro of Trasmere, they call him, after a horrible story emerged that said Kazrald burned down a parsonage, killing many nuns in the process. Clipchuck has always claimed that these rumors aren’t true, but Kazrald has never made any comment.

Kazrald is a Blood Hunter. Similar to a Rogue or Ranger, but with unnatural abilities that allow him to overpower his enemies. The underground movers and shakers send Kazrald in when normal hunters can’t get the job done. Has has proficiencies in monster hunting, but can take on a crowed of men in a pinch. Kaz’s eyes are blood red and turn black when he casts one of his blood curses. Mutations have been applied to his body, allowing him advantages that no normal man would have.

While not at all “evil” Kazrald is an aggressive individual, allowing his temper to over power many situations; never growing overly attached to companions and seeking only to ever find the next job. 

This Blood Hunter’s story begins here, but where it ends is entirely up to you! I can’t wait to see where you send this half-orc and the adventure’s he will experience. 

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