Mundo’s Magical Wares & Goods

Many stories of fantasy and whimsy include the heroes finding magicians and purveyors of magical goods. More times than not, these magical goods turn out to be a fraud or don’t create their intended effects. Welcome to Mundo’s Magical Wares & Goods! Mundo has collected many wares across his travels that fit the description above! Don’t expect any of these goods to do anything other than add some flavor text to your games. All of these home-brew items, even the ones with magical properties, will do nothing to damage your plot line and seek to add some comedic flair to your games. Mundo can appear in your world via a traveling cart, a merchant’s cart in your cities or towns, or have a dedicated store front. The choice is yours! 

Let Mundo be an NPC with real passion for his goods. Perhaps he doesn’t know he’s a con-man, in which case, he doesn’t accept returns because he knows all the goods work. And if he does know he’s a con-man, he disappears the second the players conclude business with him. Allow him to make a return appearance later in your timeline, just to show up and try to swindle your players again.

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