The Tactician and The Brawn

The cold wind whistles through the air rustling the trees in the Kalanari Woods. A shade of blue light illuminates the brush. There is a stillness to the world. Short howls can be heard a great distance away. Smoke rises in a single stream into the air from a small fireplace. Two humans sit by the fire trying to stay warm. One of them wears leather armor and a long bow rests next to them. The other wears thick chainmail. A Morningstar and shield lay at their feet.

“Do you remember that time we pillaged the Vestati village? You know, the one where the priests ran inside and locked the doors? That one was fun. I can’t believe how much silver they had under the floorboards,” says the archer.

The other person looks up and nods, “Oh yes, that was the time Father strung up the men onto poles. Such a showman, he was,” replies the shield-wielder.

The archer laughs for a moment, but the happiness fades and returns to a serious demeanor again.

“You know we can never return to the tribe. Not the way it is now.”

“I know. I just wish things were different.”

“When father fell we were the rightful leaders to take up the tribe next. What Uncle Leofric did is unforgivable.”

“It makes me so mad… I’m… I’m ready to fight him now! I don’t care if I fall.”

“No, we are going to press on and obtain our own wealth. We will rally others to our cause and only with greater numbers can we reclaim our lands.”

The Tactician and The Brawn are siblings who’ve lost the claim to their lands. After the passing of their father, their uncle stepped in and claimed the throne. Now, these two fighters are left on their own in the world. No silver, no lands, no one. They want to succeed their uncle and reclaim their lands, in the name of their father. Their story begins here in these woods, but how it ends is up to you. How will you play The Brawn & The Tactician?

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