Fading Sorcerer Character Concept

“Mother, are you afraid of the dark?”
“No, I’m afraid of you.”

My story begins as a baby, unaware of the world outside or the trials I would face. I was born the child of two great nobles in the county of Prectora. The lands were rich. Anything could grow in our soils.

Shortly before my birth, my father was in the midst of dealings with the Quenttari people. The Quenttari are desert folk; nomads from the south. They came to Prectora requesting aid in the form of resources and men. The Quenttari told stories of a force of evil penetrating our world. This force was tearing a hole into our world and allowing the void to seep in. They said the monsters coming from the void were kidnapping women and children.

My father didn’t believe them. He judged them for being nomadic and believed that their claims were lies, to expose Prectora. This would be his… all of our downfall. The nomads returned home empty handed.

Moons and Suns passed. Nothing happened. My father, in his pride, celebrated his choice.

Like a thief in the night, these creatures breached our wall and began assassinating our people. It was easy. They made their way to my parents home in no time. This was the night I was born. They breached the manor where my mother had just given birth to me. They slaughtered all in their path, but stopped as they reached me. My mother screamed at them to stop, to leave me alone. They did, it seemed.

These creatures looked like shadows; shadows made real. Their form scattered in place, like they weren’t truly there. One approached my mother, who held right to the baby she just birthed. My fathers corpse bled on the floor. The creature outstretched its hand with a finger extended. It touched me. The being seemed to pass right through me. It pulled me away from my mother. My mother was frozen in an unnatural fear and unable to move. It held me up over its head.

The creature and those around it let out a bloodcurdling screech; an unworldly screech. I faded away, my mother claims. I disappeared for a moment. Not but seconds later, I reappeared, crying. The creature handed me back to my mother. Now, my eyes were blackened. I was void-touched; shadow-touched. I was no longer a human. And therefore I could no longer be raised by humans. The creatures fled and they have not been seen again. It’s unknown what they were truly after, or why they kidnapped the nomads. Perhaps other adventures will reveal their secrets.

My mother took me away from my birthplace, a destroyed county. It was no longer a home for her or me. She took us to the circle of Quenttari in the south and begged for their help. The Quenttari agreed,reluctantly; seeing as it was not her decision to reject them previously.

The Quenttari helped me learn to control my abilities. Being void-touched granted me magical abilities. Some I do not yet understand. I hope to discover my true potential soon, and uncover the secrets of my destiny.

– – –

The Faded Sorcerer is a Custom Lineage Sorcerer built using Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything for its racial statistics. This character has the appearance of a human, but their eyes are blackened. Their hair is darkened with a faint, unearthly, blue aesthetic. This character sheet begins at level 3, but where it ends up is up to you. 

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