S.A.R.K. Sentinel of Authority; Righteous Knight | Character Concept

When the gods have been angered, they don’t send armies of angels or rain fire from the skies. No, they send a single Sentinel, programmed to carry out a task until its completion. Be warned, traveler, for once a S.A.R.K. has been dispatched to terminate you, there is no where you can hide, no prayers will be answered, and no mercy will be given.

S.A.R.K. stands for Sentinel of Authority; Righteous Knight. These constructs were crafted eons ago by the god Zoaldir; keeper of the anvil. It is unknown how many S.A.R.K. units Zoaldir created, but once the other deities discovered this genesis, Zoaldir was punished and hasn’t been heard or spoken of since. Legends say there are twelve S.A.R.K. units in the heavens, others claim there may just be one. The world may never know, as the only beings who have seen S.A.R.K. do not live long enough to tell the stories.

S.A.R.K. has been designed as an NPC Encounter and a Player Character. This construct was designed with the Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Custom Lineage racial options in mind, as this being is not exactly a War-Forged, but also not any other type of being either. S.A.R.K. is a robotic entity that communicates through a voice box in its throat.

S.A.R.K. is a polearm, two-handed weapon fighter. It specializes in Intimidation and Athletics, as this bot is crafted to be terrifying to face on the battlefield. Attached to this article you will find a Player Character Sheet and NPC Encounter options for using S.A.R.K. in your Dungeons & Dragons games. May the dice be in your favor!

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