Dungeon Brawl – Episode 1

Welcome to the Dungeon Brawl! This is a test of might and valor among players in a series of trials designed to challenge them to think outside the box. Tackling puzzles, interesting combat encounters, and even fight against each other in a free for all battle! Come see the spectacle of Dungeon Brawl! 

All the encounters are designed by St_Meow.
We stream at twitch.tv/streamofmanythings every other Saturday at 8pm EST with a rotating cast of players. Come hang out and enjoy some potentially new things you may not have seen in a DnD campaign. Give us insights on what you think of the encounters, and if you so desire use what we create in your own games. We are all about exploring new and exciting things in TTRPG’s and how to provide the best and most entertaining encounters we can for our players. 

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