The Matriarch: D&D Warlock Patron

Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?” – Rob Zombie


History tells countless stories of creatures that prey on the blood of the living. Legends have passed from generation to generation of these creatures of the night, hunters in the dark, who stalk mortals to consume their blood for sustenance. While some of the details change, a lot of stories remain the same. Humanoids undergo a transformation which leaves them permanently cursed to walk the earth for eternity as children of the night; vampires. 

The Matriarch is an entity surrounded by mystery. This is a being of great power that has existed for, possibly, eons. The Matriarch commands a unique type of vampire that has exists between both the living and the non-living world. Unlike most vampires who seeks to feed for sustenance, The Matriarch has the ability to consume both the blood of her victims and their souls. 

Soul magic is a dangerous craft that only the wisest of magic user would even dare attempt. Consuming a mortal souls grants the user immeasurable power, but at great cost. Over exposure to soul energy will warp both the mind and the body. Using a soul for magical powers will gradually transform the user into a beast, a vampiric monster. Eventually, the user will be unrecognizable as a humanoid and only seen as a twisted creature. With that in mind, no one truly knows what The Matriarch truly looks like, as she constantly uses magic to disguise herself into exactly what her prey desires most.

Unlike conventional Warlock Pacts, binding with The Matriarch results in a permanent, biological change to ones soul. Becoming a vampire requires the person to strip their mortal coil and exist on the fine line between life and death. 

There are three ways to bind with The Matriarch. The first is simple: Be born directly of The Matriarch. Legends tell of children steeped in horror, carrying both the blood of human and of vampire, half bloods. Stories recount histories of The Matriarch travelling between country and kingdom, seducing Kings, Viscounts, and Leaders in order to reproduce; granting her legitimate claims to their thrones or kingdoms. These children were not loved by their mother and would serve as leverage to gain favors from leaders around the world.

The second and third way is to be sired by The Matriarch, herself, or one of her other vampire thrall. By ingesting the blood of these vampires, the infected will die within 24 hours. After their death, they will be resurrected as undead creatures of the night; permanently curse for eternity.

Vampires seeking to enthrall others may not do this until their vampiric abilities have expanded. Only vampires who’ve reached 11th Level and beyond may use their tainted blood to infect and transform other mortals. Attempting to do this before maturity will result in the death of the consumer without resurrection.  

The Matriarch is a being of magic and not of conventional vampirism. Those under the sire of The Matriarch will not be able to naturally shape change like other, natural, vampires. These vampires will be more likely to cast magical spells revolving around their binds to the font of soul magic. 

With never ending hunger for blood, these vampires will not rest until every living mortal has been consumed, or enthralled.

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Hey everyone, this is my first-ever, homebrew concept. I look forward to hearing your feedback and would love to post an update after I review your thoughts. I hope this makes your Gothic-gameplay much more fun. May the dice be in your favor!

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  1. Good morning/afternoon/evening,
    I really like the concept around this Warlock patron idea, being that of a Vampiric mother sending her spawn or servants to collect thralls. However, I have a few questions, if that seems alright?
    1) I noticed while looking through the homebrew PDF that this Warlock patron granted it’s third ability at level 11. While this is a rather nice ability, was there intentionally no additional ability for 14th level, like other warlock pacts? I also noticed that, again, that this patron grants her third patron feature at 11th level, while… to my knowledge… other 5e pacts have that ability at level 10, with level 11 granting the 6th level Mystic Arcanum

    2) It says that the main thing the Matriarch wants is souls as well as the blood of mortals. When creating a thrall, you gain 1 soul energy. I may not be fully understanding the patron but what would one do with the soul energy harvested? And in tandem, shouldn’t there be a way of harvesting more throughout the subclass?

    I mean not to sound rude, as this was a very intriguing idea. I was merely confused on some aspects is all.
    Hope to see more content in the future!

    1. Hey! Thank you for these comments. This is my first-ever homebrew, so I’m very glad to see this consideration. I’m going to re-work it a little bit and see if we can make the build even better! Thank you for reaching out – Craig

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