Pirate Captain D&D Character Concept


With inspiration from my friend @FinalFantasyGuy88 on TikTok, here is an in-depth character build for Captain Scarlett, Pirate Captain.

Now, there are many versions of pirates in Dungeons & Dragons that may use magic, or focus more on stealth-y actions, but for our build we’re going to focus on commanding a crew of bilge-rat pirates!

We’re going to start off as a Fighter for 1st – 4th level and take the subclass of Gunslinger. Our Captain is not going to get up-close to their enemies, but take them out from a distance.

Then at 5th level, we’ll add the class of rogue to gain it’s stealth and sneak attack benefits, for when we are required to get our hands dirty!

For this build, we’re going to focus on bumping up our Charisma score, because you’ll need to be very charismatic to command a crew of salty pirates. 

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