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Last year “Demon Slayer“, a Japanese Manga series following the tragic events of a young boys life, was the fourth highest grossing film across the globe. It was also the best selling title in Japan’s History. When a film makes waves like that in a deeply established industry, people – more importantly, executives take notice. As the number of competing streaming services in the North American region continue to grow, it raises the questions for these executives about how to stand apart from one another and where the opportunities for growth really are.

Demon Slayer, Kimetsu No Yaiba

What’s Next For Anime?

On a global level, Netflix has found the answer in Japanese Style Anime – 40 of them to be exact. This comes as Netflix executives push to remain competitive and expand growth potential into Asian markets. We know North American markets are dramatically slowing growth opportunities. The ability to use consumer data from the Eastern Asian Markets are showing that Anime may be the key for Netflix. The results of this data is being shown through the doubling of Anime titles on the platform. It’s a strategic play built to create attachment to the platform and provide long term value to new users.

Historical data has shown a dramatic increase in anime viewers over the last few years. Netflix claims that nearly 50% of its views have watched at least one anime show in recent months. Titles like “Blood of Zeus“, “Yasuke” and the a show based of the acclaimed game series “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” are just a few of the options that will be developed further for this new audience interest. Despite the in person events surround by Anime (comic cons, group events, etc.), the market seems to be getting bigger and bigger. These executives are using collected data to drive the developing narrative that anime is here to stay.

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