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Nintendo Goes Mobile and is teaming up with Niantic to piggy back on Pokémon Go’s previous success.

Since 2016, Niantic has been enjoy the spotlight after creating one of the most successful AR (Augmented Reality) mobile games of all time. The technology used to help millions battle for PokéGyms and Pokéstops, allows detailed animations to appear in front of you using nothing but your phone. The hybrid between the superimposed imaging and location tracking technologies got millions of us walking around and looking for Pokémon. With Niantic’s help, Nintendo is actively working to build on this opportunity and take famous games such as Mario, Donkey Kong and Pikmin into the physical realm.

The Next Wave of Mobile is through 

Nintendo Representative Director Shigeru Miyamoto said that the new application would be geared toward “making walking fun.” This is a new territory for the gaming giant, as they have been notorious for avoiding mobile applications. With market entry games such as “Super Mario Run” in 2016 and “Mario Kart Tour” in 2019 we began to see little steps in the right direction. The challenge is that because the Japan- based gaming company has such a strong brand history, a partnership like this can be very complicated and takes time. Important decisions about what franchises to create in this gaming style, as well as important brand perfected details all matter more than usual.

From a business point of view, Investors in Nintendo have continuously mentioned the desire to break into the mobile market. The benefits are two fold really –  1) helping Nintendo deliver on its long missed marketing opportunity and 2) helping Niantic see what’s next. Mobile gaming continues to grow, and with Niantic making $10B in the first 10 month of 2020 from Pokémon go, this looks like the pieces are coming together for something great. While Nintendo fans eagerly await which game franchises will appear in AR next, we all know one thing – Nintendo has found a new home.

Which franchise are you hoping comes out as an AR game? Do you think Nintendo should be going into AR?

Nintendo’s Corporate Press Release:
Niantic’s Corporate Press Release:
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