10 Best Superhero Shows from the 2010’s

We’ve seen some amazing TV superhero shows that are timeless and spark the interest of fans around the world. The debate is hot and the topic at hand is one so pressing that there have been many feuds at comic cons across the globe. The challenge is so prominent because we to factor in the show itself, the time period it was created in, the actors and actresses, the director, the visual effects, etc. You can see how time consuming and difficult it is to get everyone to agree on the correct .

After a lot of internal debate, I am confident that we have finally found the correct order for the top 10 superhero shows of the 2010’s. I’m open to hearing why you feel this is wrong, but you better come with mounting evidence that proves why one is better than the other before you’ll convince me to change my mind.

10. Doom Patrol (DC Universe)

09. DC’s Legend of Tomorrow (The CW)

08. Legion (FX)

07. The Flash (The CW)

06. Gotham (Fox)

05. Arrow (The CW)

04. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC)

03. The Boys (Amazon)

02. Daredevil (Netflix)

01. Watchmen (HBO)

I think its very fair to say that we are living in a great time as superhero fans. In a television world that not too long ago was filled with soap operas, medical shows and sports, we are fortunate to be having these debates. You may not believe me, but this list is from an unbiased point of view. I think it’s important to understand that as time goes on, the factors in which we rank these shows will change and the list could change. Thats the greatest thing about these topics, we can find ways to make them our own and always argue from a new point of view.

Next time you get into these debates, try arguing from the point of the villain, the local pharmacy owner, or even the home town news reporter. Whatever it is, keep arguing your point and eventually everyone might be on your side…BUT probably not!

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