Pokestops get a HUGE value upgrade in Pokemon Go!

First noticed in Pokemon Go’s .205 Update by Twitter Handle @PokeMiners, you may now be soon be able to upgrade a Pokestop as a Trainer. 

If you are a dedicated Go’er or new to the game, you’ve definitely run across a few pokestops. Where ever you are in the real world, the Pokemon Universe is filled with these pokestops that give you hidden prizes. Anything from pokeballs to items you can only find after an evolutions, stopping at pokestops is always a good idea. 

Why upgrade Pokestops?

After 5 years of Niantic keeping pokestops the same, there are four pictures that were found showing the newest possible feature. While it’s still not completely confirmed, it appears as though the ability to upgrade these Pokestops will come in 4 stages – from Normal (as. it currently is) to Level 3, growing a little bit in size every time.

Its believe that upgrading these pokestops could improve your chances of getting better items for everyone in the area. Looking at the final image in the Tweet, it appears as though multiple people will be able to benefit from these upgrades.

Because there are so many questions surrounding this update, we also have to look at the reality and understand that the page 4 image could also mean that it takes more than one person to upgrade Pokestops. It might take a team of people to complete, in which case you’ll have to grab your buddy’s and work together.

Because this pokestop update doesn’t seem to be utilized yet in the current versions, we have to remain open to the idea that this may just be a test feature that might never been seen in the game. Its happened many times before and while that could be the case here, we really hope it isn’t because this sounds amazing!

To learn more about Niantic and what they’re up to, click here.

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