Static Shock – Before the Movie

Have you watched any of the DC Movies in the series and realized that there just doesn’t seen to be any relatable characters for teenagers? There are some “prequel” shows like Gotham, that tell the story of the Bat himself before he became the Batman. The challenge I have there is that is feels like a set up to get you ready for watching him as an adult. So think back, can you find any DC Movies that are aimed toward teenagers? Probably not. One might argue Shazam, or Billy Batson, but he has the ability to change into an adult on command, so its hard to fully imagine yourself as Billy in your teenage years. 

Enter Static (Shock). Based on a teenage crime fighter from one of the most popular comic book, we are finally going to see a teenage crime fighter movie. This movie will run along side a comic book reboot under the same title. The “Shock” part came from the famed alias that was picked up during his animated TV show in the early 2000’s, and stuck. While we are very excited to see this take shape while they are creating the movie, with no set date for the movie yet, all we can do is wait. While we wait, here are a fun fun facts about Static Shock that you may not have known before:

1. Static Shock is the story of Virgil Hawkins, a teenager who gained (electromagnetic) superpowers  after being exposed to a “mutagen” gas during a fight.

2. Static Shock was originally part of the Milestone Media Comics which was aimed at representing minority groups in comics during the late 20th century.

3. Static Shock ran a total of 52 episodes and was the first African American superhero-centered television show 

4. There is an unreleased video game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance based on the Animated TV Show

5. McDuffie also became a writer and producer for Justice League, Teen Titans, Justice League unlimited and Ben 10: Alien Force

Did you know these cools facts about Static Shock? Follow along for more updates leading to the Static Shock Movie.

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