Video Games In 2021 Look Much Different

Let’s face it – The video game industry hasn’t been “normal” since the start of the pandemic. Games that were scheduled to release early in 2020 had no problem, as they were already nearing the end of their development. However, video games that had a late 2020 or even 2021 release have seen dramatic shifts in schedule. For many of these games from big budget companies we have seen entire plans vanish without a trace. Complete radio silence – Kind of spooky. While we are still eagerly await next steps, this has created an opening for small time, indie titles.

This shift makes perfect sense. It takes a small army from Nintendo, Microsoft or Sony to develop their games. Compare that to a small team of overly-determined Swedes that didn’t have to change their development habits much during the pandemic. This is where we are seeing those breakthrough moments that have reshaped the gaming industry over the last year. While we are used to jumping from title to title, video game to video game, this year seems like it’s shaping up to be quite different. While there are still going to be many video games released, the number of “breakout games” will be much smaller.

For us gamers, this means we will be able to pay more attention to the underlying details within a game that bring them to life. I don’t know about you, but I think we can all agree we are pretty excited to see a few things.

1) The video games that do get released this year, and

2) The long term opportunity this creates for indie gaming.

Although we are only four and a half months into 2021 – There are already a few breakaway titles that deserve to be called out. These titles include:

CapCom – Monster Hunter Rise

Toukana Interactive – Dorfromantik 

Annapurna Interactive – Maquette

Nintendo – Bowser’s Fury

Iron Gate AB – Valheim

No matter what your gaming preference is, these video games have made quite splash on the video game industry during 2021. It’s time to give something non-traditional a chance with these games. I know it sounds crazy, but if you are an Xbox gamer, try PC. If you are a PS5 gamer, try a Nintendo Switch. Whatever you do, video games as we know them have changed. It’s time to embrace that and learn to take advantage of the differences.

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