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5 Brutally Impossible Cosplay Characters

Cosplay is such an incredible art form. We get to recreate the outfits, lives and actions of our favorite characters from video games, comic books, movies, etc. It can certainly be a labor of love, however. Making these… no, perfecting these cosplays often takes months to get just right. You have to look at dozens of photos, watch videos and ask forums for help just to create what they make look so simple for these characters. Despite the amount of time it takes, it is amazing fun none the less.

While going through quite a few cosplay’s we began to notice that there are a few cosplays that are incredible difficult. So difficult in fact, we recommend staying away from them unless you’ve got the time and resources to tackle them head on. I know that some of these games are very well known and are many peoples favorite, so if you do decide to make one let us know. We want to share it with the world and give you the proper credit you deserve – It won’t be easy!

Character 1: Drack (Mass Effect)

Because of the tight rules regulating real weapons and potentially dangerous designs from real weapons, Drack is not easy. Not that the ability to use real weapons would help much. It’s just a complete addition to the costume that takes more time. On this particular cosplay, we see SO much detail and so many lines and edges that need to be covered, we are basically creating an entire suite from scratch. The trick it to not make it to heavy either, so there is most likely going to be a lot of foam carving. If you’ve made a successful Drack, you rock! I’m impressed and I know you deserve a pat on the back!

Character 2: Endeavor (My Hero Academia)

Endeavor is literal flames. Not in the modern colloquialism sense, but he is actually flames The design itself is truly brought to life when he is one fire. In movies, tv shows and other videos they can easily use CGI to superimpose flames onto his suit. When you’re trying to make these flames look real in person or even in pictures – its not even a little bit easy. But to those that figure it out, props and please show us all!

Character 3: Eva Unit 05 (Evangelion 2.0

The shear amount of time and resources needed to make the armor and additional limbs does it for me. This project could easily take you 6-12 months to perfect. On the flip side of it, if executed flawlessly it could easily win you first place in a cosplay contest. I guess the choice is yours, but wow this has a lot of room for error. Anyone thats done it, whats the secret for perfecting the detail on the saber?

Character 4: Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)

While this cosplay may not be incredibly hard to visualize, the amount of time it would take to bring it to life is huge. Even if you can find the fur needed for the costume, measuring it all, covering every piece with no seams and then adding the details around the face would be a tremendous amount of time and dedications. If you’ve ever done this cosplay, how did you handle the seams between the gray and yellow fur on the chest? They’re so small!

Character 5: Gaogaigar (The Brave Series)

Last, but not least, we have Gaogaigar. The biggest challenge here is simply the amount of small piece that need to be hand crafted from foam. Its like very part of this design needs to be done with its own materials, or directions and given its own timeline. Master that and you still have the huge hammer to do, which if its too heavy you’ll want to set it down. If you don’t want to set it down, but don’t want to carry it you’ll have to add a pouch. These are all things you have to think about without losing the authenticity of the character. Every done it? Show me how, please?!

There you have it – These are 5 of the absolute hardest costumes to cosplay. I have seen very few of these successfully executed. I want to give props to anyone that do these successfully though so please tell me your secrets! If you have any other information about cosplay or one you believe is harder, tell me why and send me a picture to be featured in the Knights Board Cosplay Group!

Bonus: Kingdom Hearts

While the characters from Kingdom Hearts don’t looks incredibly hard, there are two major obstacles here: The hair and the body paint. The hair can usually come as a wig, but it’s often easy to tell it’s not real. If you really want to go all in on this cosplay, doing your hair like Axel takes hours, sometimes days to perfect. Next is the body paint. Knowing how to blend the paint correctly, they layer it – all while not getting it on your clothes is truly a masterpiece. For the opportunity to get personalized video messaging or autographs from the man who plays Axel himself, check out The Forge today!

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