Shang-Chi: The Newest MCU Member

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is one of the breakout movies the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) pushed due to the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020. In a world that has seen widespread trauma and sweeping issues of terrible racism, this feels like a major win. The trailer alone received over 15 million views in the first week, and it’s climbing by the second. 

This movie seems so critical as Marvel has done a very poor job in the part representing Asian cultures in their films. While marvel has a high reputation for quality movies and exciting fans across the globe, this doesn’t seem like its changing now. The studio itself has said they are expecting to see a major uptick in excitement from MCU fans and Asians that are rightfully overdue an asian superhero. The story of Shang-Chi itself is mostly unknown and being kept under tight wraps, but has high expectations. 

In theaters September 3rd, we see the first new series with an asian lead in a Disney movie since Mulan. Mulan was released March 25th, 2020 as an exclusive DisneyPlus Movie, to counter the shut down of movie theaters country-wide. With this new release for Shang-Chi we will see the superhero as he battles with his past and present. Enter WenWu, we not only have the beginning of a new movie series, but the newest addition to the MCU team. 

Marvel Studios’ President, along side the producer, explained in Entertainment Weekly magazine that WenWu has been known before, but “gone by many names.” These names include that of the Mandarin, similar to the village that made an appearance in the latest iron man movie. While there are still many pieces and details missing, we know what to expect. With the delayed launch, Marvel has had additional time to create a new cornerstone in its legacy. We need to hold them to that, and take a second to appreciate and respect the Asian culture represented in this film. 

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