Shang-Chi: The Newest MCU Member

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is one of the breakout movies the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) pushed due to the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020. In a world that has seen widespread trauma and sweeping issues of terrible racism, this feels like a major win. The trailer alone received over 15 million views in the first week, and it’s climbing by the second. 

This movie seems so critical as Marvel has done a very poor job in the part representing Asian cultures in their films. While marvel has a high reputation for quality movies and exciting fans across the globe, this doesn’t seem like its changing now. The studio itself has said they are expecting to see a major uptick in excitement from MCU fans and Asians that are rightfully overdue an asian superhero. The story of Shang-Chi itself is mostly unknown and being kept under tight wraps, but has high expectations. 

In theaters September 3rd, we see the first new series with an asian lead in a Disney movie since Mulan. Mulan was released March 25th, 2020 as an exclusive DisneyPlus Movie, to counter the shut down of movie theaters country-wide. With this new release for Shang-Chi we will see the superhero as he battles with his past and present. Enter WenWu, we not only have the beginning of a new movie series, but the newest addition to the MCU team. 

Marvel Studios’ President, along side the producer, explained in Entertainment Weekly magazine that WenWu has been known before, but “gone by many names.” These names include that of the Mandarin, similar to the village that made an appearance in the latest iron man movie. While there are still many pieces and details missing, we know what to expect. With the delayed launch, Marvel has had additional time to create a new cornerstone in its legacy. We need to hold them to that, and take a second to appreciate and respect the Asian culture represented in this film. 

eSports: Finding your “in”

So you want to be involved in eSports, but you aren’t a world class gamer yet? Thats okay!

This time is one of the best ever seen to be in a rapidly emerging markets. The eSports industry just surpassed $1B annually. To add to the excitement, Professional eSports team have adapted to the changes in styles of gaming that were forced by Covid-19 with “at-home tournaments.” While we await whats next in the eSports realm, the time to get in is now.

How can I get involved with the industry?

When you watch a professional sports tournament, is it only the players that as needed? No way! There are coaches, trainers, referees, the people who manage the fields, works the camera’s, etc. The point here is that there are many hands needed to pull of the events of even a single game. This is also something you can build a career around – in many different places. You may be a professional gamer, you may now, but here are a few job opportunities within the industry for just about anyone:

1. Professional Player

2. Coach

3. Analyst

4. Journalist

5. Content Creator

6. PR/ Marketing Coordinator

7. Game Host

8. Partnership Manager

9. Game Developer

10. Event Coordinator

11. Player Agent

12. Organization Owner

13. Referee

14. Team Legal Representation

15. Team Scheduling Coordinator

I think you get the point. There are dozens of opportunities within the eSports industry if you can think creatively enough. Not only that, but by doing a simple job search, you will find additional ways to get your foot in the proverbial door. I’m not saying it will be as easy as finding a position the traditional way. I am saying if this is the industry for you, its worth it.

Are there any “cheat codes” to getting picked?

Like in many of the best games, once player beat the game they will find cheat codes to unlock new quests, or search for easter eggs that are available outside the main story line. Getting starting in a new career can be very similar. The traditional route of applying for a job and praying is one way, and then finding loopholes to improve your chances are like those cheat codes. In the eSports world, job experience matters. They want artists of the craft – agents to make deals, coordinators with skills of efficiency, and partnership managers that drive relationship opportunities. Make yourself a “can’t pass up” necessity for the company and you’ll find more opportunities than you may have imagined.

My cheat codes for you: Find a specialized niche – First person shooters, Adventure, Strategy that generates money and interest. Connect with them and volunteer your time. Learn the playmakers throughout the organization and build impactful relationships with them. Ask continuously what more you can do to help, then do it. Let them know you are available for any full time opportunity with the esports world and discuss if they have openings or know of any. Wash, rinse, repeat. Do this 2-3 times and I guarantee there will be esports opportunities available for you in one of these categories mentioned above.

To get you started, here is a quick search I did in Zip Recruiter for eSports jobs.

The question I have for you is – How bad do you want it?… Prove it.

5 Brutally Impossible Cosplay Characters

Cosplay is such an incredible art form. We get to recreate the outfits, lives and actions of our favorite characters from video games, comic books, movies, etc. It can certainly be a labor of love, however. Making these… no, perfecting these cosplays often takes months to get just right. You have to look at dozens of photos, watch videos and ask forums for help just to create what they make look so simple for these characters. Despite the amount of time it takes, it is amazing fun none the less.

While going through quite a few cosplay’s we began to notice that there are a few cosplays that are incredible difficult. So difficult in fact, we recommend staying away from them unless you’ve got the time and resources to tackle them head on. I know that some of these games are very well known and are many peoples favorite, so if you do decide to make one let us know. We want to share it with the world and give you the proper credit you deserve – It won’t be easy!

Character 1: Drack (Mass Effect)

Because of the tight rules regulating real weapons and potentially dangerous designs from real weapons, Drack is not easy. Not that the ability to use real weapons would help much. It’s just a complete addition to the costume that takes more time. On this particular cosplay, we see SO much detail and so many lines and edges that need to be covered, we are basically creating an entire suite from scratch. The trick it to not make it to heavy either, so there is most likely going to be a lot of foam carving. If you’ve made a successful Drack, you rock! I’m impressed and I know you deserve a pat on the back!

Character 2: Endeavor (My Hero Academia)

Endeavor is literal flames. Not in the modern colloquialism sense, but he is actually flames The design itself is truly brought to life when he is one fire. In movies, tv shows and other videos they can easily use CGI to superimpose flames onto his suit. When you’re trying to make these flames look real in person or even in pictures – its not even a little bit easy. But to those that figure it out, props and please show us all!

Character 3: Eva Unit 05 (Evangelion 2.0

The shear amount of time and resources needed to make the armor and additional limbs does it for me. This project could easily take you 6-12 months to perfect. On the flip side of it, if executed flawlessly it could easily win you first place in a cosplay contest. I guess the choice is yours, but wow this has a lot of room for error. Anyone thats done it, whats the secret for perfecting the detail on the saber?

Character 4: Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro)

While this cosplay may not be incredibly hard to visualize, the amount of time it would take to bring it to life is huge. Even if you can find the fur needed for the costume, measuring it all, covering every piece with no seams and then adding the details around the face would be a tremendous amount of time and dedications. If you’ve ever done this cosplay, how did you handle the seams between the gray and yellow fur on the chest? They’re so small!

Character 5: Gaogaigar (The Brave Series)

Last, but not least, we have Gaogaigar. The biggest challenge here is simply the amount of small piece that need to be hand crafted from foam. Its like very part of this design needs to be done with its own materials, or directions and given its own timeline. Master that and you still have the huge hammer to do, which if its too heavy you’ll want to set it down. If you don’t want to set it down, but don’t want to carry it you’ll have to add a pouch. These are all things you have to think about without losing the authenticity of the character. Every done it? Show me how, please?!

There you have it – These are 5 of the absolute hardest costumes to cosplay. I have seen very few of these successfully executed. I want to give props to anyone that do these successfully though so please tell me your secrets! If you have any other information about cosplay or one you believe is harder, tell me why and send me a picture to be featured in the Knights Board Cosplay Group!

Bonus: Kingdom Hearts

While the characters from Kingdom Hearts don’t looks incredibly hard, there are two major obstacles here: The hair and the body paint. The hair can usually come as a wig, but it’s often easy to tell it’s not real. If you really want to go all in on this cosplay, doing your hair like Axel takes hours, sometimes days to perfect. Next is the body paint. Knowing how to blend the paint correctly, they layer it – all while not getting it on your clothes is truly a masterpiece. For the opportunity to get personalized video messaging or autographs from the man who plays Axel himself, check out The Forge today!

Static Shock – Before the Movie

Have you watched any of the DC Movies in the series and realized that there just doesn’t seen to be any relatable characters for teenagers? There are some “prequel” shows like Gotham, that tell the story of the Bat himself before he became the Batman. The challenge I have there is that is feels like a set up to get you ready for watching him as an adult. So think back, can you find any DC Movies that are aimed toward teenagers? Probably not. One might argue Shazam, or Billy Batson, but he has the ability to change into an adult on command, so its hard to fully imagine yourself as Billy in your teenage years. 

Enter Static (Shock). Based on a teenage crime fighter from one of the most popular comic book, we are finally going to see a teenage crime fighter movie. This movie will run along side a comic book reboot under the same title. The “Shock” part came from the famed alias that was picked up during his animated TV show in the early 2000’s, and stuck. While we are very excited to see this take shape while they are creating the movie, with no set date for the movie yet, all we can do is wait. While we wait, here are a fun fun facts about Static Shock that you may not have known before:

1. Static Shock is the story of Virgil Hawkins, a teenager who gained (electromagnetic) superpowers  after being exposed to a “mutagen” gas during a fight.

2. Static Shock was originally part of the Milestone Media Comics which was aimed at representing minority groups in comics during the late 20th century.

3. Static Shock ran a total of 52 episodes and was the first African American superhero-centered television show 

4. There is an unreleased video game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance based on the Animated TV Show

5. McDuffie also became a writer and producer for Justice League, Teen Titans, Justice League unlimited and Ben 10: Alien Force

Did you know these cools facts about Static Shock? Follow along for more updates leading to the Static Shock Movie.

Pokestops get a HUGE value upgrade in Pokemon Go!

First noticed in Pokemon Go’s .205 Update by Twitter Handle @PokeMiners, you may now be soon be able to upgrade a Pokestop as a Trainer. 

If you are a dedicated Go’er or new to the game, you’ve definitely run across a few pokestops. Where ever you are in the real world, the Pokemon Universe is filled with these pokestops that give you hidden prizes. Anything from pokeballs to items you can only find after an evolutions, stopping at pokestops is always a good idea. 

Why upgrade Pokestops?

After 5 years of Niantic keeping pokestops the same, there are four pictures that were found showing the newest possible feature. While it’s still not completely confirmed, it appears as though the ability to upgrade these Pokestops will come in 4 stages – from Normal (as. it currently is) to Level 3, growing a little bit in size every time.

Its believe that upgrading these pokestops could improve your chances of getting better items for everyone in the area. Looking at the final image in the Tweet, it appears as though multiple people will be able to benefit from these upgrades.

Because there are so many questions surrounding this update, we also have to look at the reality and understand that the page 4 image could also mean that it takes more than one person to upgrade Pokestops. It might take a team of people to complete, in which case you’ll have to grab your buddy’s and work together.

Because this pokestop update doesn’t seem to be utilized yet in the current versions, we have to remain open to the idea that this may just be a test feature that might never been seen in the game. Its happened many times before and while that could be the case here, we really hope it isn’t because this sounds amazing!

To learn more about Niantic and what they’re up to, click here.

Watch our interview with the OG voice of Ash Ketchum, Veronica Taylor, visit the Knights Board Stream, here.

10 Best Superhero Shows from the 2010’s

We’ve seen some amazing TV superhero shows that are timeless and spark the interest of fans around the world. The debate is hot and the topic at hand is one so pressing that there have been many feuds at comic cons across the globe. The challenge is so prominent because we to factor in the show itself, the time period it was created in, the actors and actresses, the director, the visual effects, etc. You can see how time consuming and difficult it is to get everyone to agree on the correct .

After a lot of internal debate, I am confident that we have finally found the correct order for the top 10 superhero shows of the 2010’s. I’m open to hearing why you feel this is wrong, but you better come with mounting evidence that proves why one is better than the other before you’ll convince me to change my mind.

10. Doom Patrol (DC Universe)

09. DC’s Legend of Tomorrow (The CW)

08. Legion (FX)

07. The Flash (The CW)

06. Gotham (Fox)

05. Arrow (The CW)

04. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (ABC)

03. The Boys (Amazon)

02. Daredevil (Netflix)

01. Watchmen (HBO)

I think its very fair to say that we are living in a great time as superhero fans. In a television world that not too long ago was filled with soap operas, medical shows and sports, we are fortunate to be having these debates. You may not believe me, but this list is from an unbiased point of view. I think it’s important to understand that as time goes on, the factors in which we rank these shows will change and the list could change. Thats the greatest thing about these topics, we can find ways to make them our own and always argue from a new point of view.

Next time you get into these debates, try arguing from the point of the villain, the local pharmacy owner, or even the home town news reporter. Whatever it is, keep arguing your point and eventually everyone might be on your side…BUT probably not!

Knights Board – For The Nerd In You!

What is Knights Board?

Knights Board, AKA, is a Social Streaming Storefront. What is a Social Streaming Storefront, you might ask? It is an ecosystem for fans of all things nerd to 1) gather together and engage with others that have similar interests 2) stream exclusive content with your favorite celebrities and 3) visit vendors digitally to get  . Knights Board connects the missing pieces from the experience we’ve all come to love so much.

What started out as a small experiment to bring fans into one centralized location quickly became an international stage. Hosting exclusive interviews with celebrities, comic book writers, artists and more, we’ve seen global opportunities for our communities to unite. To date, Knights Board is in more than 35 countries, bringing in thousands of pieces of new content every month and has partnered with some of the most well known creators around the industry. 

What is there to do on Knights Board?

You may find our groups to be interesting, connecting with fans in niche area to share tips, ask questions and make new friends. Maybe you’re more of a streamer, wanting to see streamers playing games, see behind the scenes interview with your favorite characters or create streams yourself – then check out the newsfeed? Even better, you may want to find ways to communicate directly with celebrities, and build the same memorable experiences you are used to as a con. Visit “The Forge” – our vendor filled, celebrities showcased memorabilia location.

Who is Knights Board for?

If you’ve got a interest in anything superhero, comic con, anime, cosplay – fandoms in general, we’ve got a spot for you. Why spend time sorting through the baby pictures, graduation notices, and complaints on other social media platforms when you can be connecting with the others that help make your interest so much better? Join the Guild and see what our Knights and Lady Knights are here for. 

Dungeons & Dragons (DND) Meets Godzilla vs. Kong

One of the more highly anticipated movie releases since the start of the pandemic happened last week with Godzilla versus Kong. This film had come across some incredible early stage success, netting $70 Million in sales in China and having tens of thousands of private showing booked in the United States. While its great to see the movie industry getting it feet back beneath itself, this is about Dungeons & Dragons.

One player took it into their own hands to build a 5e guidebook featuring the two beast of the Monsterverse. Called “Primerva’s Guide to Kaijuborn” [by Primerva] was made available on Imgur March 31st with great detail and storylines to shake up your campaign. We start off with a Kaijubon, a new race for Dungeons and Dragons characters comprised of people warped by the presence of an original kaiju such as Anguirus, Godzilla, or Rodan. As we continue through the guidebook we see several other monsters appear, with multiple forms. Add in Ghidorah, Kong and Mothra and you’ve got yourself a pretty great start to this amazing Homebrew guide. There are numerous subclasses, as well as feats built into the the book that provide room to create incredibly deep storylines as a DM or handle unforeseen challenges as a player. 

Why This Book Stands Out

One of the most incredibly things about this book, besides the relevance to the movie industry today, is the design. The design look almost identical to official manuals put out by the official Dungeons and Dragons group. Seriously, compare the two side by side and the styles look so incredibly similar it easy to pick up and use for players of any level. Within just 24 hours, Primerva’s Guidebook has racked up more than 133,600 views. I think it’s safe to say that as DND players, we are happy to blur the lines between movies and storylines. We are even more excited to use these stories lines as a way to celebrate the release of such a great movie!

Looking for other movies that can inspire your D&D Games? Check out this article here!

10 Movies To Inspire Your D&D Games

There are so many movies that follow the Hero’s Journey, taking heroes from one point stage to the next. Countless television shows tell this story too. If you’re anything like me, then you like to take inspirations from outside sources and allow them to flourish inside your own stories and tabletop narratives. Here are 10 movies to inspire your tabletop adventures.

10. The Avengers (2012)

With inter-dimensional threats invading the planet you and your party must join together and become heroes. This is great for those looking to have long combat sessions. You can turn Battlefield into different encounters all leading to one final showdown with Loki.

Quest: defend the city from invaders pouring out from a portal
Adventure: Survive six rounds of combat with varying difficulty; all leading to one final battle with the boss.
Rewards: Your team gets to call themselves The Avengers

9. Alien (1979)

In space no one can hear you scream, but also in space no one can see your garbage dice rolls. By putting your party into a high stakes atmosphere and on the run from a single monster you are bound to create some suspense.

Quest: Escape from the ship.
Adventure: The party must solve a series of puzzles while trying to escape a ship. They are being hunted by a single monster which they are no match for. If the monster crosses them it’s an instant kill. They will have to use their skills to perform feats of strength and out think the ships protocols.
Rewards: you survived.

8. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)

Unlike the Lord of the Rings this journey is about discovery and less about a MacGuffin. The road will be long and dangerous, but uncovering the mystery will be the most satisfying. Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a great movie to inspire your D&D games

Quest: Journey through the planet to discover a sunken city.
Adventure: The group will have to traverse three biomes which all come packaged with their own monsters, mysteries, and Mayhem. Discovering the city will end this campaign and set you up for a new one.
Reward: Should they side with the natives of Atlantis, they receive wealth from defending the city from other invaders.

7. The Wizard of Oz (1939)

We’re off to see the wizard. The wonderful wizard with fireball. This film has all the elements of a Dungeons & Dragons game, without the combat. The Emerald City is a great location from a great movie to inspire your D&D games

Quest: Your party needs to find their way back home.
Adventure: Traverse the land of Oz in search of the mystical, magical wizard who can send you home. Be wary of mysterious talking trees, intoxicating poppy fields, and witches that are green with envy, as you chart your way back home.
Reward: You saved Oz from the grasp of the Wicked Witch.

6. Alice in Wonderland (2010)

We all go a little mad sometimes. While quite similar to the journey of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, but filled with much more mystery and danger, Alice in Wonderland is an excellent example of how a simple Dungeons & Dragons game can go off the rails if the Dungeon Master plans ahead.

Quest: Escape Wonderland
Adventure: Your party awakens in the terrifying lands of Wonderland. You’ll have to hide from the Red Queen’s forces, navigate through the winding paths of Wonderland, and engaging with the natives of this fascinating land. This adventure ends with a final battle with the Jabawocky, so make sure your swords are sharpened and your tea cup is full.
Rewards: Jabawocky’s head and Vorpal Sword.

5. CLUE (1985)

There’s something truly special about playing a murder mystery with friends. Now, put a character sheet in their hand and dice on the table and you’ll open up a whole new world of possibilities.

Quest: Discover who the killer is.
Adventure: There’s been a murder in the estate! The killer must be one of the many people who were in the room when the lights went out and the estate owner was stabbed to death. Who’s the killer? Traverse the property and discover the secrets each character holds.
Rewards: A sum of gold entitled to the person who discovers the killer.

4. Princess Bride (1987)

Inconceivable! This should certainly be higher on the list! Nonetheless, it is a great movie to inspire your D&D games

Quest: Rescue the Princess}
Adventure: The Princess, the love of one of your players, has been kidnapped and being held against her will by the dastardly Prince. Fight through waves of enemies, sneak through the underbelly of the castle, or negotiate your way in to face the Prince and rescue the Princess.

Reward: Treasure you pick up along the way.

3. The Black Cauldron (1985)

This movie is drastically underrated. The Chronicles of Prydain is an excellent saga of stories that deserve to get proper, modern 2020s, treatment on television. The task of Taran facing The Horned King is an fantastical adventure that should be see and heard… and it’s a movie to inspire your D&D games.

Quest: Rescue Hedgewig and Defeat The Horned King

Adventure: Find a way into the underbelly of The Horned King’s castle while avoiding conflict with his guards. Rescue your pig companion and find a way to destroy The Horned King’s prized possession: The Black Cauldron.

Reward: You saved your pig

2.  Conan The Barbarian (1982)

This movie makes comes up in many, probably countless, Dungeons & Dragons games. Use elements from this film for battles, story, and conquest.

Quest: Avenge the death of your lover
Adventure: You and your party must scale the walls of your enemies kingdom, slay all of their soldiers, and behead the monster that killed your lover.

Reward: Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women.

1. The Goonies

This is the perfect Dungeons & Dragons game. The stakes are high. The danger is real. And the jokes are funny. The Goonies is a great film my all-time favorite. You can use some many elements from this film to have a truly magical Dungeons & Dragons Experience.

Quest: Discover One-Eyed Willy’s Treasure.
Adventure: Traverse the deep underbelly of the Pirates Cove while avoiding the looming danger of the Fratelli’s. Team up with odd friends to overcomes troublesome challenges. And defeat the terrifying octopus!
Reward: No Sign! You saved the town from being turned into a golf course!

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Kingdom Hearts 19th Anniversary | Game Master Craig

It's Kingdom Hearts 19th Anniversary. Originally on PC, Kingdom Hearts now comes to PC on the EPIC GAMES STORE

Kingdom Hearts came out 19 years ago. Can you believe it’s been that long?

I remember opening up my PS2 on Christmas morning and the first game I got was Kingdom Hearts. I popped it in and it was immediately blown away by the epic soundtrack and visuals. The second that Dearly Beloved starts playing, you know something special is about to happen.

It would take me months to just get off of Destiny Island. I had no idea where to find the fish. Then it took me months to finish Alice in Wonderland, as I could not defeat the trickster. Even more months later go by and I finally defeat the Tarzan boss.

Then comes the summer of 2004. With more than half of the game left to go I took it to my cousin’s house for help. He was much older than I and I looked at him like an older brother. Over the course of a week I watched him play through the rest of my saved file; just thrilled to watch the story unfold.

Eventually we got to the end. And he asked me if I wanted to fight Ansem, myself. I have course objectives, knowing I would get beaten quickly and just wanted to watch it play out.

He said OK and beat the whole thing. And as the final cutting started I’ve began bawling tears.

The Road To Dawn

As a kid, I thought they killed Mickey Mouse. I thought when they close the door that Riku and Mickey Mouse were dead. I snuck out of the room as quick as I could and hit in the bathroom for fear that he’d catch me crying. Of course he knew! Eventually I came out of the bathroom and he said: Dude, there’s gonna be a sequel! It’s okay!

From that moment on I have been attached to this franchise and everything they do. I have made friendships over this game and had experiences with these characters that have made me the type of creative and hopeful person I am.

In the fifth and sixth grade I would stay up every night scouring old Internet forums and downloading every song and cut scene video I could find, hoping for the day we’d get Kingdom Hearts 3. And when we finally did get it, I wasn’t disappointed.

Thank you Nomura, Yoko Shimomura. And the Kingdom Hearts teams. Happy Anniversary, Sora!

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Nintendo Goes Mobile | Knights Board News

Nintendo Goes Mobile and is teaming up with Niantic to piggy back on Pokémon Go’s previous success.

Since 2016, Niantic has been enjoy the spotlight after creating one of the most successful AR (Augmented Reality) mobile games of all time. The technology used to help millions battle for PokéGyms and Pokéstops, allows detailed animations to appear in front of you using nothing but your phone. The hybrid between the superimposed imaging and location tracking technologies got millions of us walking around and looking for Pokémon. With Niantic’s help, Nintendo is actively working to build on this opportunity and take famous games such as Mario, Donkey Kong and Pikmin into the physical realm.

The Next Wave of Mobile is through 

Nintendo Representative Director Shigeru Miyamoto said that the new application would be geared toward “making walking fun.” This is a new territory for the gaming giant, as they have been notorious for avoiding mobile applications. With market entry games such as “Super Mario Run” in 2016 and “Mario Kart Tour” in 2019 we began to see little steps in the right direction. The challenge is that because the Japan- based gaming company has such a strong brand history, a partnership like this can be very complicated and takes time. Important decisions about what franchises to create in this gaming style, as well as important brand perfected details all matter more than usual.

From a business point of view, Investors in Nintendo have continuously mentioned the desire to break into the mobile market. The benefits are two fold really –  1) helping Nintendo deliver on its long missed marketing opportunity and 2) helping Niantic see what’s next. Mobile gaming continues to grow, and with Niantic making $10B in the first 10 month of 2020 from Pokémon go, this looks like the pieces are coming together for something great. While Nintendo fans eagerly await which game franchises will appear in AR next, we all know one thing – Nintendo has found a new home.

Which franchise are you hoping comes out as an AR game? Do you think Nintendo should be going into AR?

Nintendo’s Corporate Press Release:
Niantic’s Corporate Press Release:
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Lady Knights: Celebrating Women in Entertainment

Knights Board is happy to announce our upcoming event Lady Knights: Celebrating Women in Entertainment to mark the celebration of Women’s History Month!

This livestream will take place on March 21, 2021 starting at 5:00PM EST.

See panels and exclusive stories from celebrities like Veronica Taylor, Jenette Goldstein, Michelle Ruff, Trina Robbins, and Renee Witterstaetter.

Then stick around for a Dungeons & Dragons One-Shot from some of your favorite Content Creators!

See you on the 21st!

The Greatest Showman – D&D Character Concept

Ladies and Gents, this is the moment you’ve waited for!

Based heavily off of the character P.T. Barnum, played by Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman “2017”, this character concept takes the idea of a magician and cranks it up to 5th Edition Standards.

For this build we’re going to begin with Variant Human and put our +1 into Charisma. Our class is, of course, a Bard. I dabbled with the ideas of having this build multi-class between Bard & Sorcerer, but the Sorcerer subclasses do not fit the aesthetic we’re going for. Instead, we’re going to stick with a pure-Bard. 

Moving forward, we’ll select Deception as our Variant Human proficiency. Then we’ll pick Arcana, Sleight of Hand, and Perception as our Bard Proficiencies. For our Human Feat, I’ve selected Lucky. It really came down to Inspiring Leader or Lucky as the best options, but I wanted an evident focus on our face skills before all else. We’ll also pick up Entertainer as our background, adding Acrobatics & Performance to our Proficiencies, as well.

This character is not designed to be a combatant, similar to Hugh Jackman in the film, this is a Face Character. Everything we’ve prepared leads to skills in positive interaction and showmanship on stage. As a magician and performer, we’ll need spells to put on a good show.

I’ve selected Disguise Self, Illusory Script, Invisibility, Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, Mirror Image, Sense Emotion, and Speak with Animals as our first round of spells. These spells are selected at 3rd Level.

P.T. Barnum is a performer and leader in the circus, but as we see in the film, he’s no fool. As a wise leader, it is fitting that we select College of Lore for our Bard’s subclass at 3rd Level.

– – –

This build works best in a setting that calls for less combat and more role play. I love this film and its soundtrack, so it was great fun rolling this character and blasting the music. I hope you all enjoy The Greatest Showman!

Announcement – New Series: The Kingdoms of Halldora

Over the past 6 months, many of my friends and followers have asked me if I’d ever get into the Homebrew-game. Today, that answer is: Yes.

I have begun writing a series of Modules for use in the Dungeons & Dragons 5e system. These stories will take adventurers from Level 1 to, at least, Level 10 and take you on a journey through the many Kingdoms of Halldora.

While the plotline and story arcs are all squared away, I need help tying up a few loose ends. I want this to be a community project and so, I’m leaving mapmaking, character & NPC names, and some additional quests open for the community to vote on.

This project and its outcome will be 100% free for all Dungeons & Dragons players and enthusiasts to use in their games.

I look forward to bringing you more news on this project in the coming week.

Adventure Awaits!


The Matriarch: D&D Warlock Patron

Who is this irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead?” – Rob Zombie


History tells countless stories of creatures that prey on the blood of the living. Legends have passed from generation to generation of these creatures of the night, hunters in the dark, who stalk mortals to consume their blood for sustenance. While some of the details change, a lot of stories remain the same. Humanoids undergo a transformation which leaves them permanently cursed to walk the earth for eternity as children of the night; vampires. 

The Matriarch is an entity surrounded by mystery. This is a being of great power that has existed for, possibly, eons. The Matriarch commands a unique type of vampire that has exists between both the living and the non-living world. Unlike most vampires who seeks to feed for sustenance, The Matriarch has the ability to consume both the blood of her victims and their souls. 

Soul magic is a dangerous craft that only the wisest of magic user would even dare attempt. Consuming a mortal souls grants the user immeasurable power, but at great cost. Over exposure to soul energy will warp both the mind and the body. Using a soul for magical powers will gradually transform the user into a beast, a vampiric monster. Eventually, the user will be unrecognizable as a humanoid and only seen as a twisted creature. With that in mind, no one truly knows what The Matriarch truly looks like, as she constantly uses magic to disguise herself into exactly what her prey desires most.

Unlike conventional Warlock Pacts, binding with The Matriarch results in a permanent, biological change to ones soul. Becoming a vampire requires the person to strip their mortal coil and exist on the fine line between life and death. 

There are three ways to bind with The Matriarch. The first is simple: Be born directly of The Matriarch. Legends tell of children steeped in horror, carrying both the blood of human and of vampire, half bloods. Stories recount histories of The Matriarch travelling between country and kingdom, seducing Kings, Viscounts, and Leaders in order to reproduce; granting her legitimate claims to their thrones or kingdoms. These children were not loved by their mother and would serve as leverage to gain favors from leaders around the world.

The second and third way is to be sired by The Matriarch, herself, or one of her other vampire thrall. By ingesting the blood of these vampires, the infected will die within 24 hours. After their death, they will be resurrected as undead creatures of the night; permanently curse for eternity.

Vampires seeking to enthrall others may not do this until their vampiric abilities have expanded. Only vampires who’ve reached 11th Level and beyond may use their tainted blood to infect and transform other mortals. Attempting to do this before maturity will result in the death of the consumer without resurrection.  

The Matriarch is a being of magic and not of conventional vampirism. Those under the sire of The Matriarch will not be able to naturally shape change like other, natural, vampires. These vampires will be more likely to cast magical spells revolving around their binds to the font of soul magic. 

With never ending hunger for blood, these vampires will not rest until every living mortal has been consumed, or enthralled.

– – –

Hey everyone, this is my first-ever, homebrew concept. I look forward to hearing your feedback and would love to post an update after I review your thoughts. I hope this makes your Gothic-gameplay much more fun. May the dice be in your favor!

Quick Quests: A Daughter’s Loyalty

Disclaimer: Quick Quests are designed to be bite-sized outlines of information that serve as plot pieces to a longer-story. There will be many plot-holes and/or unanswered questions; that’s the point! Quick Quests are intended to be open ended and left needing more details from you, the reader! Where the plot ends up, who these characters truly are, and what their motivation are are entirely up to you. I look forward to seeing all the creativity and information you bring to this Quick Quest!

Chapter 1

Call To Adventure: Lady Dimitria of the Ashanti Country has requested a group of adventurers deliver a letter of importance to King Reginald of the Xavier Empire. You’re group is hired for the task and promised wealth in exchange for your time and your discretion.

Conflict: Along the way there your group is ambushed by a posse of bandits. The bandits are less than interested in being rational and seek violence for crossing them on the road. 

Resolution: Dispatch these bandits and search for loot to find some gold pieces and, more importantly, a map of city you’re venturing to. This map details an entry point into the city that will grant access to the King’s Castle. You also find instructions detailing instruction to capture the Princess, but to not harm her. She is to be captured and ransomed back to the King for large sums of gold.

Chapter 2

Call to Adventure: The King thanks you for bringing information about this insurgency to his attention. He offers you a large reward in exchange for protecting his daughter, should these bandits attack. 

Conflict: The bandits invade the castle in the night. While you are able to dispatch many, you fail in your role of protecting the Princess.

Resolution: The princess is captured and you’re send to retrieve her, unharmed and alive from the bandits. You’re given a promise of allowance to bargain with the bandits.

Chapter 3

Call to Adventure: You track down the bandits to their hideout in the swamps. You face many swamp creature along the way, but find a cavern deep in the marshes that the bandits call home. There are many inside and you are outnumbered. You recognize some of the faces of bandits, you’ve seen them back in the kingdom.

Conflict: Upon meeting with the bandit leadership, you learn the Princess is behind this whole façade. She’s working with these bandits to usurp her father, who she, and others believe, is not the King who will take them into the future.

Resolution: The bandits give you instruction that will cause the King to leave himself vulnerable for an attack by the bandits. They are not going to kill him, but they will defeat him. The Princess will then take the throne.

You have a choice: Side with the Princess and the Insurgency or Side with the King and the Loyalists

Who will you side with? Let us know in the comments!

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Gunslinger Paladin | Character Concept

“We’re thieves, in a world that don’t want us no more.” – Red Dead Redemption 2

The rooster always crows at the same time, every morning, just as the sun comes up. As if the rooster wasn’t enough, your blinds are open just enough to let a sliver of the sun sneak right in, covering your face. The next day begins for you, Sheriff.

You pull the covers off and climb out of bed. Your vision is blurry and you feel a loud ringing in your ears. A blistering headache comes on, reminding you of how much you drank last night. You reach down, feeling around for yesterday’s pants. Your hands knocked over glass bottles which clang together, loudly. 

“Dang it!”, you growl. 

Finally your vision returns and you see the disheveled bedroom before you. Clothes laying everywhere. Clutter and documents scatter across tables. You clothe yourself and move over to the table, where your badge and pistol lay.

You pick up your pistol, check the ammo, and attach it and its holster to your waist. Then you reach down and pick up your badge. A sensation takes over you for a second. You see flashbacks fly across your mind, of a time before your duty, of a time before your Oath.

– – – 

“Get us out of here Willie!… Willie! Where’d you learn to drive!… Willie, look out!” 

This was it, your big score with the Sundown Gang. You’ve been with these boys and girls for many moons and this job was supposed to be your last. You were raised a smuggler and, so, you used your “talents” to move contraband from one location to the next; one town to another. You went where you were told and didn’t ask questions. 

You knew you wanted to get out of the gang. Just because you were raised a criminal didn’t mean you wanted to die a criminal. If you could do one last job, one final score, then you’d have enough coin to leave and start a whole new life. You could go start a family and live a life of quiet means. 

This last job called for you to sneak into the Draconit Estate and burn down their farm. The Draconits’ were a threat to the Sundown Gang. They had large investments in the towns, controlled the police force and the government officials. Margery, the Sundown Gang leader, demanded that action be taken against the Draconit family, before they expanded too much in the Sundown territory.

Your job was to sneak in and set the fires. Willie was the getaway driver and Dillie was the muscle. It was a simple job that began after the sun went down. You moved in, quietly. Canteens of oil emptied across the fields. Your job was almost done. You moved back to your group, ready to light the match and be finished, but then you saw it, movement. There was someone out in the distance, in the fields.

“Light it! Light it and let’s go!”, Dillie demanded. 

But you couldn’t do it. If you lit the fields, that person would die. They were innocent. This was not a job that called for death. You were done with killing. You couldn’t stomach it anymore. That person had nothing to do with this job and you couldn’t discern if they were even an adult. What if it was a child?

So, you hesitated. You waited a moment. 

A cigarrette bud flew past your eyes, hitting the grass at your feet. It ignited with a flair. 

“Now let’s get out of here!”, Dillie yelled.

Fire filled the fields faster than you could even think. You ran around the fields, avoiding the burning grass.

“Get out of there! RUN!”, You cried. Continuing on, you ran the perimeter of the fields.

“What was that?!”, calls from one direction.

“You there, stop!… FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!”, another one calls.

You try to keep up with the spreading fire, but the flames are too fast for you. A wave of flame ignites through the field, burning through crops and brush. 

“AGHHHHH!”, you hear cry from the brush. Arms wave through the air, covered in fire. The screams continue for, what felt like, an eternity. Then they finally stop. Whoever, whatever that person was, died. 

Reality sets back in. You remember the estate has now been alerted to your presence. You turn and run, as fast, as you can back to your group. You hear gunshots fired. As you get closer you see Dillie standing there firing her weapon at a guard who’s approaching. 

“C’mon!”, Willie cries to you.

You run and jump onto the cart. Dillie turns to follow you, but a bullet pierces her leg. She falls down. You leap down and help her up onto the cart. Bullets fly around you. You both get onboard and Willie commands the horses to run. They take off, like the devil escaping hell. Blood pours from Dillie’s leg. You remove your belt and fashion it into a tourniquet to try and stop the bleeding. Gunfire continues, as another carriage appears in the distance, coming right for you, from the right. 

“Willie, get us out of here!”, Dillie yells.

“I’m working on it boss!”, Willie answers.

Another carriage of enemies appears from the left. The air is filled with the sound of gunfire, as bullets penetrate your carriage. Willie is struck in the arm. He begins to lose control of the carriage. 

Dillie continues calling for Willie to get you all out of there, but he loses blood quickly, and so loses the reins of the horses. The carriage overturns and you all fall out, taking serious injuries. The guards carriages approach and halt close to you. You’ve suffered some serious lacerations, but no broken bones. Both Dillie and Willie survive, as well. 

The guards take you into town and you’re all brought to jail, injuries and all. As time goes on, you discover that the person in the field was Draconits’ daughter, who was out there looking for their lost dog. The guards accuse you all of murder. Two days pass and Willie succumbs to the infection of his wounds. Now it came down to just you and Dillie in prison, waiting to be sentenced for murder.

The trial finally came and it was revealed that it was Dillie who threw the cigarette into the field, igniting the fire. The judge finds Dillie guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to death. You were found guilty of aiding in the manslaughter, but, instead of a death sentence, you were sentenced to 13 years in prison. The Sundown Gang did not try to intervene in Dillie’s execution. Margery abandoned you and Dillie, leaving you to your fate. Dillie died three days after the trial by hanging. 

You spent 13 long years sitting in a jail cell, waiting and learning. You read every book you could get your hands on. As time went on, you realized that you must atone for your sins. When you were released, you didn’t run away or flee into the wilderness, you stayed in town. You enrolled in the local law enforcement office as a volunteer, unpaid. You owned nothing. You weren’t allowed to carry a gun. You didn’t have a place to call home. You slept in your old cell every night. It was the most you could do, serve the town as penance for your crimes. It helped you sleep at night.

– – – 

Time passed and the town began to rely on you for assistance. People began to forgive you and learned to appreciate you. You helped people heal. You stood against tyranny. Eventually, you even became sheriff, yourself. 

You may not have found the quiet life you always wanted, or settled down to have a family, but instead, you found a new calling in life – serving others. 

You put the badge on your shirt and you wear it proudly, always remembering where you’ve come from and that there’s always a brighter tomorrow. 

– – – 

The Gunslinger Paladin uses elements from the Gunslinger Fighter Subclass from Matt Mercer. This build begins at level 6, as you need 3 levels in Fighter and 3 levels in Paladin to make this build work. It’s a very strong build, based in damage output and face mechanics. This character’s story begins here, but where it ends it up to you. 

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The Fortune Teller, Hexblood Character Concept

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.” – William Shakespeare

You awaken; locked behind the bars of a cage. The crisp autumn wind rattles the gibbet and your prison waves back and forth. Your breathe looks like dragon’s fire as you exhale. Your cage suspends from an old tree branch. The rope holding your cage is thin and worn. Be careful, you think, for if you move too much, the rope could snap and you’ll fall to a very untimely demise.

“Oh, Aggie, this one’s finally awake!”, a voice shrieks from below.

As you look down to find the speaker, you see a creature hobbling towards you; its back hunched over and left leg lagging, slightly. You lock eyes with the creature, whose resemblance is somewhat human-like. The creature grins at you, revealing its empty mouth. Its teeth are completely rotted away and what’s left is jagged and putrid. Its nose, long and crooked to the left. It’s hair, thin, long, and unkept. Its eyes, green and black; unnatural.

“Let me go!”, you call from the trees.

“Ha Ha Ha. Oh no, child, let you go? But won’t you stay for supper?”

The woman waves her hand and the rope holding your cage is released. You begin to fall. You think you’re going to collide with the ground when suddenly, she lifts her hand again. With a very soft motion, she catches you just before land. You hover over the ground. She walks away, back towards where she came. Your cage follows her, hovering over the ground.

“Aggie, get that pot ready!”, the creature yells.

You look around the area, trying to see if anything looks familiar. Up in the trees, you see more gibbets hanging. Rotted corpses lay in the cages. A putrid stench perfumes down from them. Ahead of you, you see the witch brings you to a small cottage built into a tree. Leaves hang from this trees branches, but they are not lively. The leaves hang lifeless, frozen in place, as if a magical force is holding them there.

The creature makes their way to the door and it opens before she reaches it, without laying a hand on the doorknob. Inside, it is dark. Small candles illuminate places of the room, but not nearly enough to see everything. A roaring fire in the center of the room create harsh shadows which dance along the furthest wall.

Another creature is seen inside, looking quite similar to the one carrying you. She presides over the roaring fire and the cauldron on top of it. Bubbles fly out of the cauldron and pop in the air. Whatever is isn’t boils greatly. The witch carrying you drops her spell. Your cage lands on the floor with a loud crash.

“Look at the little one, Aggie. Isn’t it cute? Hahaha!”, The witch shrieks.
“Don’t play with your food, Agatha. Leave the child be.”, The other responds.

You realize what these creatures are; Hags. Witches from the forest’s depths. And you’re their prisoner, which means it won’t be long before they either eat you or experiment on you; weaving you into some kind of abomination. In order to survive, you’ll have to either outsmart them, or slay them. Slaying them will be too challenging, as they have greater numbers and you are one person, unarmed. Your eyes dart around the room, looking for something, anything, that may help you escape.

The witch maintaining the cauldron walks over to a glass cabinet and opens the door. Inside are a collection of vials, all glowing and sparking in different colors. She collects one vial that sparkles purple, closes the door, and makes her way back to the cauldron. She opens it up and empties its contents inside of the cauldron. The boiling concoction slows to a silence. She looks back and forth, unamused. She takes the vial and drinks the remaining contents, then smashes the bottle on the floor, screaming in a rage. The other hag takes a few paces back, avoiding the fury, laughing. The enraged hag extends her hands at the base of the cauldron and flames erupt from her skin. She screams in pain, as the cauldrons contents let out an incredible steam.

The steam fills the room making it hard to breathe. It clouds your vision and you lose sight of them for a moment. The hags begin to laugh a moment later. A hand grabs on to your cage, pulling the door open. Another hand reaches in and grabs your wrist, hauling you out of the cage, free. The hag doesn’t release you and begins dragging you towards the cauldron. The laughter of both hags ensue as you try to force yourself away. 

Closer and closer you get to the cauldron. You have moments left to make a decision before you’re thrown into the boiling pot. In an effect to break from from its grasp, you bit down hard on the hag’s hand. It screams in pain, as blood pours out from its hand. It releases you and you dash towards the cabinet filled with vials. The other hags runs to the aid of its companion. 

“You fool!”, The hag cries at you. “You’ve tasted our blood! You’re not edible anymore!”

A foul taste appears in your mouth, as you realize you the hag’s blood now covers your mouth. You spit up, as much as you can, but it doesn’t make a difference. The foul taste does not fade. 

The hag you bit, turns to you, holding its crippled hand and says: “Fine, we won’t eat you, but you’ll die for this, regardless!” The hag rushes towards you with its arms extended. You turn, and as fast as you can grab the small cabinet containing those vials and pull it down with all the force you can muster.

The cabinet crashes on the floor. Glass shatters everywhere. Colors of potions fly through the air. Vials roll across the floor. The hags try desperately to retrieve what they can, swearing at you and crying for help. Two vials roll to your feet. You grab them, briskly, and throw them into the boiling cauldron!

“NO!” The injured hag cries. 

A blast of fire sends you flying into the furthest wall. The cauldron explodes, incinerating the hags where they stand. You lose your vision for a moment and the room fades to black.

Some time later, you awaken on the floor of the cottage. Your vision is blurry. You stand to your feet and look down at your hands. Something has changed. Warts cover your hands and they tremble, softly. Your teeth hurt and your feet feel weak. In front of you, you see the destroyed cauldron and the two casualties standing around it. The hags who sought to eat you now stand frozen in place as burnt statues, dead. The encounter resulted in their death, but you did not escape unscathed. You feel your face and it feels different, like leather. Something is definitely wrong.

You search for a mirror, or window, anything to see your reflection. You find a window, but it’s covered in soot. You grab a cloth from the floor and wipe the window. To your surprise, you don’t see your reflection. Instead, it’s something else. It frightens you. You reflection looks much like the hags, but not entirely, you still see parts of you in there. You’ve aged greatly. You’ve changed. The encounter has, in fact, warped you into something else. With a screech of disgust, you fall to the floor, tears welling in your eyes. Then you see it; a book. Laying there on the floor, covered in scorch marks from the explosion, is the Necronomincon of these hags. All their secrets and all their spells, now at your disposal. All they knew is now available to you. 

A feeling of excitement comes over you. A feeling you have never felt before. This was something new, something devious. You open up their evil book and for a moment the writing looks like a form of gibberish, something you couldn’t possibly understand. Then, before your eyes, the words become clear and you can understand everything they’ve written. A whole new world of possibility has opened to you.

– – – 

Time passes and eventually, you realize that your new, deformed body is unacceptable to the outside world. People see you as a monster, a creature, that should be slain. You’re not fully a hag, but you’re not fully a human anymore. You’re a Hexblood. And so, you go to the one place where creatures like you can and will be accepted, the circus. You enlist in Cirque Serendipity, the traveling circus, as a fortune teller. The spells provided in the hag’s spell book have allowed you to create magic and mystery, and so, you study all you can about theatrics and storytelling with magic. Eventually, you become an incredible shadow sorcerer, able to create magical experiences filled with shock and awe for your patrons.

Word begins to spread about an old hag who tells fortunes for coin with a traveling circus. When you learn of this, it upsets you. You were young and vibrant. The past you was a sight to behold. So, you start wearing a cloak over your face, hiding your true form. Then, when your patrons begin to describe their desires, dreams, and virtues, you use your magic to alter your appearance, then reveal yourself to the patrons, leaving them spectacularly amazed. Word continues to spread of your great success. Many seek to hear your fortunes and learn more of their impending futures.

– – –

The Hexblood Sorcerer is built using the Gothic Lineage races featured in Unearthed Arcana January 2021. This character begins at level 3, but where it ends is up to you! I can’t wait to see what adventures this character experiences. 

S.A.R.K. Sentinel of Authority; Righteous Knight | Character Concept

When the gods have been angered, they don’t send armies of angels or rain fire from the skies. No, they send a single Sentinel, programmed to carry out a task until its completion. Be warned, traveler, for once a S.A.R.K. has been dispatched to terminate you, there is no where you can hide, no prayers will be answered, and no mercy will be given.

S.A.R.K. stands for Sentinel of Authority; Righteous Knight. These constructs were crafted eons ago by the god Zoaldir; keeper of the anvil. It is unknown how many S.A.R.K. units Zoaldir created, but once the other deities discovered this genesis, Zoaldir was punished and hasn’t been heard or spoken of since. Legends say there are twelve S.A.R.K. units in the heavens, others claim there may just be one. The world may never know, as the only beings who have seen S.A.R.K. do not live long enough to tell the stories.

S.A.R.K. has been designed as an NPC Encounter and a Player Character. This construct was designed with the Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Custom Lineage racial options in mind, as this being is not exactly a War-Forged, but also not any other type of being either. S.A.R.K. is a robotic entity that communicates through a voice box in its throat.

S.A.R.K. is a polearm, two-handed weapon fighter. It specializes in Intimidation and Athletics, as this bot is crafted to be terrifying to face on the battlefield. Attached to this article you will find a Player Character Sheet and NPC Encounter options for using S.A.R.K. in your Dungeons & Dragons games. May the dice be in your favor!

Diablo II Remake Allegedly In Development

Coming to us from Bloomberg, we’ve learned that Blizzard has absorbed Vicarious Visions and they are, allegedly, in development of a Diablo II remake or remaster. You’ll recognize Vicarious Visions as the team who developed Crash Bandicoot: The Nsane Trilogy,  The Skylanders franchise, and the Tony Hawk franchise of games.

This remake is said to be in the same vein of StarCraft Remastered and most recently Warcraft III: Reforged. With the tremendous success following Vicarious Visions with their work on the Crash Bandicoot remaster, it makes sense why Activision would shift the team fully over to Blizzard.

The report concludes that this Diablo II remake has been in the works for over a year now. We’re discovering that the initial team working on this project, noted at “Team 1” had previously worked on StarCraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, and Warcraft III: Reforged. However, it seems this group was quietly disbanded in 2020, stemming from poor responses on Warcraft III: Reforged. The Diablo II project has now been pushed to “Team 3” who are currently working on Diablo IV. Vicarious Visions are said to have been brought on to “Team 3” to share the workload in developing this remake.

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3 Unique Ways To Start Your D&D Game 

You’ve heard the story before: “A group of adventurers meet in a Tavern. They’ve found them selves here after journeying from modest beginnings. They all meet and immediately become friendly.” Then the game begins.

How about this one? “You find yourselves on the road traveling together. A group of wolves attack you from off the road. It’s an ambush!”

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with any of these openings. In fact, I’ve used them quite often and I will continue to use them because these are staple ways to open up your game. There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple. However, in an effort to be as creative as possible in your tabletop games, here are three unique openings to kick-off your next dungeons & dragons campaign.

1) The Colosseum

“Are you not entertained!?”

There’s nothing more exciting than kicking off your entire campaign with a fight! Specifically, a fight to the death. Have your players start as gladiators in a Colosseum. As the game begins, the gate opens and they are welcomed into an arena. Their first objective is to survive the oncoming attacks of the other combatants and earn their freedom. Feel free to also throw them a couple schillings of gold, should they appease the crowds!

If you have new players, this will be a great way to introduce them to the combat mechanics of Dungeons & Dragons. It will also set the tone for how difficult the game is going to be moving forward.

Feel free to let this option open up the doors to quest with a Caesar or a dictator that may be controlling the arena. Perhaps this leader is bad or perhaps they are good. The choice is yours.

2 ) Prison!

“So, you’re finally awake!”

There’s nothing more riveting than having your players wake up in prison. What did they do? Who did they offend? What crimes were committed? That’s all up for you to decide.

When your players wake up in prison there could be a guard standing there to explain the charges, or not. Maybe they all wake up in the same cell I have to figure out a way to escape? Maybe the prison is abandoned?

Having a prison opening leaves the door open for countless options and interpretation. If you want to get your players to start asking questions early put them in prison. They will bombard you with questions.

3 ) The Blackmail Letter

For this one you’re going to have to consult with your players ahead of time. To pull this off you need to have information on who your player’s characters are and what kind of “dirty laundry” they may have laying around.

The purpose of the blackmail letter is to force your players to appear at the location of the quest giver. If the quest giver knows who your players are it will be very easy to blackmail them, forcing them to make an appearance at a specific day and a specific time. This is a great way to get all of your players in one location at one time without asking a lot of questions. You will use intimidation tactics to keep your players in line and remind them that they are level one; it would be all-too easy 

Fading Sorcerer Character Concept

“Mother, are you afraid of the dark?”
“No, I’m afraid of you.”

My story begins as a baby, unaware of the world outside or the trials I would face. I was born the child of two great nobles in the county of Prectora. The lands were rich. Anything could grow in our soils.

Shortly before my birth, my father was in the midst of dealings with the Quenttari people. The Quenttari are desert folk; nomads from the south. They came to Prectora requesting aid in the form of resources and men. The Quenttari told stories of a force of evil penetrating our world. This force was tearing a hole into our world and allowing the void to seep in. They said the monsters coming from the void were kidnapping women and children.

My father didn’t believe them. He judged them for being nomadic and believed that their claims were lies, to expose Prectora. This would be his… all of our downfall. The nomads returned home empty handed.

Moons and Suns passed. Nothing happened. My father, in his pride, celebrated his choice.

Like a thief in the night, these creatures breached our wall and began assassinating our people. It was easy. They made their way to my parents home in no time. This was the night I was born. They breached the manor where my mother had just given birth to me. They slaughtered all in their path, but stopped as they reached me. My mother screamed at them to stop, to leave me alone. They did, it seemed.

These creatures looked like shadows; shadows made real. Their form scattered in place, like they weren’t truly there. One approached my mother, who held right to the baby she just birthed. My fathers corpse bled on the floor. The creature outstretched its hand with a finger extended. It touched me. The being seemed to pass right through me. It pulled me away from my mother. My mother was frozen in an unnatural fear and unable to move. It held me up over its head.

The creature and those around it let out a bloodcurdling screech; an unworldly screech. I faded away, my mother claims. I disappeared for a moment. Not but seconds later, I reappeared, crying. The creature handed me back to my mother. Now, my eyes were blackened. I was void-touched; shadow-touched. I was no longer a human. And therefore I could no longer be raised by humans. The creatures fled and they have not been seen again. It’s unknown what they were truly after, or why they kidnapped the nomads. Perhaps other adventures will reveal their secrets.

My mother took me away from my birthplace, a destroyed county. It was no longer a home for her or me. She took us to the circle of Quenttari in the south and begged for their help. The Quenttari agreed,reluctantly; seeing as it was not her decision to reject them previously.

The Quenttari helped me learn to control my abilities. Being void-touched granted me magical abilities. Some I do not yet understand. I hope to discover my true potential soon, and uncover the secrets of my destiny.

– – –

The Faded Sorcerer is a Custom Lineage Sorcerer built using Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything for its racial statistics. This character has the appearance of a human, but their eyes are blackened. Their hair is darkened with a faint, unearthly, blue aesthetic. This character sheet begins at level 3, but where it ends up is up to you. 

FIRST LOOK at Darkseid’s Full Armor in Zack Snyder’s Justice League: The Snyder Cut

We finally have our first look at Darkseid in his full armor for the upcoming Snyder Cut of Justice League. We get this image as part of the upcoming merchandise line featured around the film. 

While fans anticipated seeing this villain appear in Justice League (2017), he was not in the final cut of the film. Fans eagerly await Justice League: The Snyder Cut which is set to release as a 4 hour film on HBO Max later in 2021.

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Netflix Tops 200 Million Subscribers In 2020!

Netflix has just announced that their streaming service has surpassed 200 Million Subscribers in 2020, gaining a whomping 37 million users in the past year. They are now claiming they no longer need to borrow cash to fund their growth strategy and have enough cash flow to supplement their investments.

Netflix’s competition has never been stronger, amongst Disney+, Apple TV, Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock, and many, many more, Netflix has to continue innovating to stay at the top. With Disney+ announcing its upcoming 10 Marvel shows and 10 Star Wars shows and HBO Max receiving all 11 Warner Bros. movies upon release date, all the streaming giants are in a race for quantity of content. 

Almost in answer to this race, Netflix recently announced that they will be releasing a new film every single week in 2021. These films feature stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock, Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba, Meryl Streep, Zendaya, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, Gal Gadot, Dave Bautista, Naomi Watts, Jake Gyllenhaal, John David Washington and Octavia Spencer. 

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Charlie Cox To Return As Matt Murdock In Spider-Man: Far From Home Sequel

Fan-Favorite Daredevil actor Charlie Cox has allegedly been spotted on the set of the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel. It is currently unknown if he will be portraying just Matt Murdock or appear in his Netflix Daredevil costume once again. 

These rumors come from’s Phase Zero podcast, in which they featured a “very good source” who claims Charlie Cox is, in fact, on the Spider-Man 3 film lot.

Rumors have been circulating for many months now about the return of Charlie Cox to the role of Daredevil, as fans do not want to see him recast. With the Netflix: Daredevil show discontinued, fans eagerly await the return of the Devil from Hell’s Kitchen.

Charlie Cox, allegedly, will be starring in Spider-Man 3 with co-stars: Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Alfred Molina, Jamie Foxx, Tom Holland, and Zendaya. Spider-Man 3 is currently slated to release on December 17, 2021

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The Tactician and The Brawn

The cold wind whistles through the air rustling the trees in the Kalanari Woods. A shade of blue light illuminates the brush. There is a stillness to the world. Short howls can be heard a great distance away. Smoke rises in a single stream into the air from a small fireplace. Two humans sit by the fire trying to stay warm. One of them wears leather armor and a long bow rests next to them. The other wears thick chainmail. A Morningstar and shield lay at their feet.

“Do you remember that time we pillaged the Vestati village? You know, the one where the priests ran inside and locked the doors? That one was fun. I can’t believe how much silver they had under the floorboards,” says the archer.

The other person looks up and nods, “Oh yes, that was the time Father strung up the men onto poles. Such a showman, he was,” replies the shield-wielder.

The archer laughs for a moment, but the happiness fades and returns to a serious demeanor again.

“You know we can never return to the tribe. Not the way it is now.”

“I know. I just wish things were different.”

“When father fell we were the rightful leaders to take up the tribe next. What Uncle Leofric did is unforgivable.”

“It makes me so mad… I’m… I’m ready to fight him now! I don’t care if I fall.”

“No, we are going to press on and obtain our own wealth. We will rally others to our cause and only with greater numbers can we reclaim our lands.”

The Tactician and The Brawn are siblings who’ve lost the claim to their lands. After the passing of their father, their uncle stepped in and claimed the throne. Now, these two fighters are left on their own in the world. No silver, no lands, no one. They want to succeed their uncle and reclaim their lands, in the name of their father. Their story begins here in these woods, but how it ends is up to you. How will you play The Brawn & The Tactician?

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Mundo’s Magical Wares & Goods

Many stories of fantasy and whimsy include the heroes finding magicians and purveyors of magical goods. More times than not, these magical goods turn out to be a fraud or don’t create their intended effects. Welcome to Mundo’s Magical Wares & Goods! Mundo has collected many wares across his travels that fit the description above! Don’t expect any of these goods to do anything other than add some flavor text to your games. All of these home-brew items, even the ones with magical properties, will do nothing to damage your plot line and seek to add some comedic flair to your games. Mundo can appear in your world via a traveling cart, a merchant’s cart in your cities or towns, or have a dedicated store front. The choice is yours! 

Let Mundo be an NPC with real passion for his goods. Perhaps he doesn’t know he’s a con-man, in which case, he doesn’t accept returns because he knows all the goods work. And if he does know he’s a con-man, he disappears the second the players conclude business with him. Allow him to make a return appearance later in your timeline, just to show up and try to swindle your players again.

Kazrald Urugall, Blood Hunter Character Concept

Kazrald’s true origin is unknown. Some tavern dwellers will say he was raised by a pack of bears in the woods. Others claim he was made by an alchemist and came from a vial of toxin. One claimed that he was actually of noble birth, a bastard son of nobility in the northern reaches of Belathor.  This mysterious half-orc seems to have come from no-where.

Kazrald spends most of his days waiting for jobs in The Better Bees Inn, found in Lowtown of the Northern Lakelands. Kazrald has befriended Clipchuck, the Goblin owner, offering protection over the inn for a daily room. No one dares mess with Clipchuck or his Goblin family, lest they reap the wrath of Kazrald’s wicked curses. Legend says that Kazrald can inflict terrible curses upon enemies. Something not very common here in the Lakelands and greatly feared.

Rumors say that Kazrald is actually heartless, and only cares about coin. Man, women, and children all fear him.

The Pyro of Trasmere, they call him, after a horrible story emerged that said Kazrald burned down a parsonage, killing many nuns in the process. Clipchuck has always claimed that these rumors aren’t true, but Kazrald has never made any comment.

Kazrald is a Blood Hunter. Similar to a Rogue or Ranger, but with unnatural abilities that allow him to overpower his enemies. The underground movers and shakers send Kazrald in when normal hunters can’t get the job done. Has has proficiencies in monster hunting, but can take on a crowed of men in a pinch. Kaz’s eyes are blood red and turn black when he casts one of his blood curses. Mutations have been applied to his body, allowing him advantages that no normal man would have.

While not at all “evil” Kazrald is an aggressive individual, allowing his temper to over power many situations; never growing overly attached to companions and seeking only to ever find the next job. 

This Blood Hunter’s story begins here, but where it ends is entirely up to you! I can’t wait to see where you send this half-orc and the adventure’s he will experience. 

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Brukec Dumak, Disgraced Warchief Character Sheet

Brukec was born and raised in Umbria; the lands beyond, uncharted by the mainlands of Evatell and its men. In his youth, Brukec was raised to be the leader of his tribe, the Warhorn Clan. He fought in countless battles and trained daily with his brethren. When Warchief Karnum fell on the battlefield, Brukec took up his clan’s banner and led the warriors to victory against the daemon invaders. From that point on, he would be the Warchief of the Warhorn Clan. Time progressed. Brukec led his people into a prosperous future. The lands bore much fruit and his clan expanded their reach, building settlements for more than just orcs. Life was great, until the Evatellan arrived.

War Continues

The unrest between Qauyus & Novruth, empires of Evatell, eventually led them to explore elsewhere. Ships arrived from both countries around the same time. With no councils to report too, their war erupted in Umbria. More ships came and began building outposts and settlements across the orc lands. Orcs were not respected by the Evatellans. Once they realized they had magic and numbers at their disposal, Evatellans started enslaving the orcs. They bound the men in chains, leaving the women and children behind. They meant to start ferrying the orcs back to Evatell and they almost succeeded.

A Final Effort

Brukec gathered his clansmen and the newly formed, allied, tribes of orcs for open war against the Evatellans. Warhorn, Qauyus, and Novruth all clashed on the Frokuh Fields. The orcs caught the Evatellans off guard, giving them an advantage early in the battle. This didn’t last long, however. Once the Evatellans started using magic, the battle swiftly went sour for the orcs. Many orcs fell that day. It is said the Frokuh Fields are still painted in the blood of the Warhorn orcs. There was no clear winner amongst the invaders, but it was clear the orcs failed. With many dead, and the remaining warriors now prisoners of war, Brukec included, they was no resistance to the Evatellan tyranny. Brukec was chained with his brethren and placed on a Qauyan ship, a disgraced leader who led his people to death and slavery.

The Maelstrom

The journey was a nightmare, as they tortured the orcs, forcing them to maintain the ships. What the Evatellans and orcs alike could not have predicted is that there are violently dangerous storms on these waters. In the middle of the night, a hurricane sprang upon them, causing unimaginable destruction to both Norvuth and Qauyan ships alike. Neither ones ships would make it to port. Both would sink that night, with countless casualties. Brukec clung to life on boards of wood from the obliterated ships; life and death on a pendulum. He waited, hanging on those planks for days, starving, melting under the hot summer sun. He bobbed in and out of consciousness. Death nearly took him, but something in the universe wanted this orc to live.

Upon New Shores

Brukec awoke on the boat of a fisherman, gasping for air. Stanmore and his son Jadyn Claridge pulled Brukec aboard, rescuing him from death. They brought him to their home in Southern Lakeland. Brukec was not the same, battle-hungry, orc he was before. In fact, these experiences had left him so devastated, he was hardly the same mentally. Now, he was a humbled, beaten orc, hardly able to wield great weapons or strategize as a tactician.

Loose Ends

Brukec thanked the Claridges for their generous hospitality and promised to repay them. He went in search of information that would lead him back home. To his disappointment, he would learn that both Qauyus & Novruth placed restrictions on traveling those oceans, as the weather was far too dangerous to travel through. It is believed that there were no survivors on those Evatellan ships. With no way home and no hope left, Brukec accepted his fate. He would eventually return to the Claridge family, the only friends he would find in the Lakelands and become a fisherman, supporting the family.

The Next Chapter

Brukec served the Claridge family for many years, becoming something of a guardian to young Jadyn after the untimely passing of Stanmore. Brukec found himself dedicating his life to the ideals of a cleric; seeking to bring himself inner peace and standing against authoritarian oppression of all peoples. Jadyn and Brukec would move to the Northern Lakelands, seeking new opportunities and hoping to find proper education for Jadyn. Twelve years have passed since the great battle. And each night he lies in bed reminiscing about it; never forgiving himself for failing his people, failing his wife, and failing his two sons.

The story begins here, but how it ends is entirely up to you. I can’t wait to see how you play out the story of Brukec Dumak, Peace Cleric of Umbria.

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The Twins of Song & Dance Character Sheets

There is a stillness to the cold winter air in the low-town of Queldoras. A lamplighter passes house-to-house, illuminating the streets. Rats and vermin scatter from the light into the crevasses of the nearest alleyway. The alley is dark and quiet, a perfect place to hide from the light. A crumb here, a crumb there, the rats discover. Were these crumbs left by a baker who was bringing his goods into high-town? Did a high-born parade come through here? Both were very unlikely; the low-born and high-born hardly interacted with each other. No, these crumbs were placed intentionally.

A pinch of stale breadcrumbs descend from the air, sprinkled by the hands of a young Halfling. This Halfling was no older than 14 years old. Dirt stained their face. While most Halflings’ were stocky from a well-fed diet, this adolescent was not. Their clothes, like rags, were loose to their body.

Crumbs sprinkled the ground and the rats charged for them; devouring with haste. A trail of crumbs led to the farthest corner of the alley. Rat after rat charged to the farthest point of the alley. Eventually, they began to pile up. Then SWOOSH! A large linen sack flies across the ground, scooping up as many rats, as could fit in one pass.

A second Halfling, looking identical to the first, scoops up as many rats as they can; wrestling with the bag of vermin. The captured creature squirm and squeak, viciously. 

“Now, into the box!” – the first Halfling calls, as they open the lid of a large wooden box. 

The Halfling holding the rats moves awkwardly toward the box; for the bag of rats is almost as large as they are. The bag is tossed into the box and the first Halfling slams the lid shut. The twin pulls out a large lock and slaps it onto the box, securing the package is complete. 

“I swear to you…” the first Halfling says, “one day… one day, we will get out of this town…and we won’t ever wrangle rats again! We’ll live in the fanciest house in all of Queldoras. We… we’ll live in the castle, right there!” The Halfling points to the distance, far beyond the low-town, rises a castle resting atop the Queldoran mountains. 

“Don’tcha see it? I see it. I see it every night in me dreams. We’ll get there, I promise.”

The second Halfling looks up at their twin with a tear of joy in their eye, nodding in agreement, unable to speak.

– – – 10 Years Later – – – 

“Come one, come all. For I guarantee you have not heard a better performance than I am about to bestow here, today!”

The first Halfling, now an adult, skips merrily to the center of town with a fiddle in hand. The town square is filled with high-born people conducting business by merchant carts. Folk pause their business, as the Halfling calls their attention. They stop what they’re doing and gather in the square. Noble-born children rush to the front of the crowd to see the performing Halfling.

The gathering town erupts into discussion: “Oh i love this little performer…” “What a wonderful thing…” “I wonder what they’ll play today…” “You know, I lost my purse the last time I saw this Halfling perform…”

The Halfling engages the town, telling stories of the King and how heroic he is to keep meddling magic users out of the Kingdom. The town responds with joy.

Another figure scuffles through the crowd, no taller than some of the children here in the square. They move quick through the crowd, not staying in one place for too long. A bandana covers their mouth, as black, as a raven’s wings. The figure makes eye contact with the performer and gives a nod, signaling to begin playing.

The Halfling performs a rhythmic melody on their fiddle. The townsfolk light up with joy, as the Halfling plays for a call and response. Moments as the song ends, the figure, now outside and to the rear of the crowd, locks eyes with the Halfling again.

“All done?” The fiddler messaged the figure.

The figure, another Halfling, winks at their twin before darting off to the shade cast by the buildings, disappearing from the town square, pockets filled with the coin of the townsfolk…

The Twins of Song & Dance are designed for partner play style. Two players will work together in a tabletop setting. This story consists of two Halfling twins, a bard and a rogue, who are devious in nature, but kind in spirit. The story begins here, but how it ends is up to you. Where will you take these characters? What are their names? What will their next adventure be? 

I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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Purge-Knight Paladin Character Sheet

You swore an Oath of the Crown, pledging yourself to your kingdom. You fought for many levels, in honor of that pledge, but as the truth begins to reveal itself, you discover the kingdom you serve is just, as corrupt, as the monsters and villains you face on the battlefield. 

You confront the King, who deems you a traitor to the crown. The Guards close in on you, ready to slay without hesitation. You draw your sword and fight your way to the back of the chamber. Guardsmen fall; your friends, your brothers, all turned on you for standing up for your beliefs. Swords and pikes pierce your armor. An axe descends through the air, connecting with your forearm. The world becomes still. You hear your shield clang upon the stone ground beneath. The wounds take you to the ground. You think it’s all over, as your sight fades to black.

You awaken. The ground beneath you is sand. The air is crisp and the sky is dark. You know not where you are. Trying to sit up, you remember the clash in the King’s chamber. Your wounds are still too great and restrict you from sitting up. Darkness takes you again, as the pain is too much for any man to bear. Buzzards circle in the air above you, as your vision fades again to blackness. 

“Wake up!”, a booming voice demands from the shadows. You awaken, gasping for air. 

“Given up? Have you truly given up?” 

Your eyes dark from left to right, up and down, searching for where that grotesque, offensive sounding voice is coming from.

“Answer me!” The voice calls, distorting. “No,” you reply.

“Do you want vengeance from those who have betrayed you?”

It hurts too much to breathe. You cannot find the air to speak. Your vision begins to fade again. You summon all the strength to mutter the words “Yes.”

The ground opens beneath you. The sand crystalizes into a dark stone. Hellish fire rises from the crack in the ground, engulfing you in the light of the flame. You think this is the end, but realize, the fire does not burn. The flames are not hot; they are cold to your touch. You look at the place where your forearm would be and witness, as your limbs begins forming out of the fire. Black rocks form the likes of an arm with a hand. You feel the sensations return to the appendage, a new arm to replace your lost limb. The wounds across your body heal and you feel the urges of power itching at your finger tips.

Your people betrayed you and left you for dead. Your questioning and resistance to the crown was deemed an offense resulting in the breaking of your Paladin Oath. Now, with the help of your new found patron, and fallen paladin abilities, you will purge the kingdom you once called your home. Rise now, Oath-breaker Paladin; Purge Knight.

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Star Wars: Book of Boba Fett Confirmed As New Series.

The First-Seen Mandalorian is BACK! Teased in the final moments of The Mandalorian Season 2, audiences were blown-away by the reveal of Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett. This series is set to explore Boba Fett’s adventures with Fennec Shand in a post-Return of the Jedi world. 

We know that Boba Fett was previously an ally of our Mandalorian, Din Djarin. Has that relationship changed? Will the the original bounty hunter group make appearances? We know very little right now!

Fans were previously confused by this announced program, fearing that The Book of Boba Fett would overshadow and, perhaps, take over the season 3 arc of The Mandalorian. In an interview with Good Morning America, Jon Favreau confirmed The Book of Boba Fett will be an original series. 

Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, & Robert Rodriguez will be the executive producers with Temuera Morrison staring as Boba Fett & Ming-Na Wen returning as Fennec Shand. We’re very excited to see where Boba Fett’s story takes us. 

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Is Santa The Most Legendary Figure?

Amongst all the chaos and uncertainty, one thing has remained clear – Santa Claus Is Still Coming To Town! Christmas 2020 is just around the corner. We got the wonderful opportunity to sit down with the “Big Man” himself and ask him: “Santa, with all the holiday and spiritual legendary figures, why are you the most legendary?”

To which he replied: “I’m not going to say “I’m the most legendary.” I only say… I’m Santa!”

Santa doesn’t care about being legendary or competing with the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy. Santa reassured us that the only thing he cares about is bringing toys to nice people. “I don’t represent anything, but kindness and being nice.”

Other icons, like the Sandman or the Boogieman have “baggage,” as Santa says. “What matters is that I’m nice… I don’t like to be purposefully, consciously mean or unkind.” Santa continues to express that the most important thing for us right now is expressing kindness. 

Kindness is universal, never-changing. In a year where people have lost so much and we’ve witnessed atrocity after atrocity, it’s important to remember that being kind is not only free – it’s the right thing to do. “…Even for people who’ve been so hurt, and are so sad… they can still recognize niceness and feel it in their hearts and minds,” Santa says. 

Lucasfilm Announcements at Disney Investor Day 2020

With the President of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, at the head of the stage, fans got the chance to see all major properties coming to the Star Wars universe. We watched it, so you don’t have to! Here are the highlights.

Ahsoka Tano will fight the empire in her own series on Disney+. Rosario Dawson will lead the show, as the former Padawn of Anakin Skywalker. Jon Favreau & Dave Filoni lead this series and another at the helm.

Rangers of the New Republic was also announced. Little information is available about this new show, but it’s also being run by Favreau and Filoni.

Ahsoka & Rangers of the New Republic will exist within the same timeframe as The Mandalorian; post Return of the Jedi.

Diego Luna will reprise his role as Cassian Andor in the upcoming Disney+ series, Andor.

Hayden Christensen will reprise his role as Darth Vader in Obi Wan Kenobi, a new series featuring Ewan McGregor once again playing fan favorite, Obi Wan. Obi Wan begins production in March 2021.

A direct sequel to Star Wars The Clone Was is coming to Disney+. The Bad Batch will follow a group of former clone troopers as they experience the fall of the republic and the birth or the empire.

Star Wars Visions will explore the “Galaxy Far-Far Away” through the eyes of Japanese Anime Artists and Creators.

Lando Calirissian will return in a new series.

Leslie Headland is the show runner for a new series called “The Acolyte” which takes place at the end of the High Republic Era.

Warwick Davis will return for a sequel to Lucasfilm’s Willow

The Droid Tales will explore a new story featuring droids R2D2 and C-3P0

Indiana Jones will ride for one final film. Harrison Ford is returning for Indiana’s final film debut. James Mangold is set to direct.

Taika Waitti is currently writing a new Star Wars film which is being described as a “fresh, unexpected, and unique” take, says Kathleen Kennedy.

The next Star Wars film to hit cinemas will be Rogue Squadron. Directed by Patty Jenkins, of Wonder Woman & Wonder Woman 1984, this film will explore a new story based around the famous X-Wing pilots. The film is slated to release Christmas 2023. 

Anduin Character Sheet

Get Anduin's Character Sheet

For The Alliance!
Add Anduin, King of Stormwind to your tables' arsenal today. 
Begins at Level 1

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For the Alliance, Knight! This character sheet is a representation of Anduin Wrynn, the King of Stormwind.

In honor of the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands launch, we have dedicated this character sheet to making Anduin a playable character in 5th Edition.  May it serve you well. For Azeroth!

This character sheet begins at Level 4. Feel free to play as Roda yourself, or add her as an NPC to your world. The sky’s the limit! To get this full character sheet click the button below, input your email address and download the form, and may the dice be in your favor! We hope you enjoy gaming with Roda!

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Artwork from Blizzard Entertainment
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Questfinder: Old Mage’s Keep

Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead…

Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to Old Mage’s Keep!

This quest can be used as a direct follow up to Questfinder: Banshee’s Wail. You may take elements from this and forge your own path, use it directly as intended, or just skip the intro, but all-together, this questline is original and does not require you playthrough Questfinder: Banshee’s Wail first. 

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Click Here to see Banshee’s Wail Session One

Last Time On Questfinder

We last found our party completing the quest offered by Quartermaster Whitley: putting the Kelhorns to rest and bringing him 3x items proving they’ve been found and dispatched. Your adventurers will have experienced the undeath that walks the lands, battled with monsters, and finally fought a Banshee. You’ve discovered that this plague of undeath is an agent spreading through the air; from a land to the west. Calsodor has been destroyed. Every man, woman, and child, has either died or been twisted into a monstrosity.

With the Banshee defeated and passed on into the next life, you return to Quartermaster Whitley. Whether he’s alive or dead, he thanks the party for completing this quest. If he dies he makes sure to leave a note thanking the party. The note also includes the location for his wealth, as promised at the beginning of the quest. His wealth is buried under the third Mill all the way at the north of the estate.

The party travels back to the top of Kelhorn’s lands, And makes their way to the place where the banshee fight went down. Unlike last time, the group now sees a boat on the stream. It’s a midsize boat and there’s no want to be seen on it. 

Hearty Boat

To the left, past the Mills, stands a person in the distance swiftly digging holes in the dirt. There are many holes and this person digs rapidly. Approach the figure and he will ask you to stay back and that he is armed for a fight. He claims that he has a full army on his boat with men ready to engage at any moment. All he has to do is whistle. 

Roll an Insight check to discover he’s lying and upon closer inspection they’ll realize this is a Tabaxi humanoid. He wears a hood to cover his face and other dark clothing to help them blend in. This person is quick to lie, but is very friendly and will ally with the group quite easily.

Ask his name and he’ll look around for a moment before saying his name is: Hearty… Boat! Hearty tells you that he was passing along on his way to Sundertown when Horst and a human woman flagged him down. Another small Elvish girl followed behind them, his daughter Estrid. The elf man begged Hearty to take his daughter away from this land. Undead were following close behind them. Hearty asked to be compensated and the human woman explained that there’s a chest here by the mills that would be his. 

The Tabaxi agreed, slowed his boat and allowed the young Elvish girl to climb aboard. Hearty explains that he took her to the next town over and delivered her to a clan of elves near Sundertown. Should the ground reveal the key or claim that the chest is theirs, he offers to split the rewards with you, as it was promised to him, as well. He also says he offers you passage out of these lands and takes you to Sundertown. 

The treasure inside is 800 gold pieces, a golden chalice with gemstones at the base, and a strange wand-looking device. 

Hearty claims that the chalice, the wand, and 450 gold pieces are his. He claims that he counted correctly and all these items are his. Roll a 10 persuasion or higher to change his mind and receive the other items. It will take a 15 persuasion or higher to get the remaining gold pieces. 

Hearty Boat’s Hearty Boat

On Heartys Boat, named: Hearty Boat’s Hearty Boat, he reveals that he’s a traveling merchant and has many wares available for you to purchase. Every item he sells begins with an additional two zeroes added to the price. For instance, if something costs 1 gold, he charges 100 gold, at first. Roll any form of charisma check, achieving a 10 or higher to bring the costs to a normal fee.

Here are his wares on a table:

Item Hearty Price Real Price Details
Draught of the Nimble
1x available
5,000 GP 50 GP.  Lasts 1 hour. Gives the user +5 to DEX checks and DEX saving throws.
Masterwork Longsword1x 50,000 GP 500 GP Wielding this weapon allows you to reroll a Nat 1.
Goodberry Cluster
1x Cluster
10.000 GP lot 100 GP Cluster of 10 goodberries. Eating a goodberry restores 1 HP. One berry also provides enough nourishment to sustain you for one day. Takes an action in combat to eat one berry.
Cage of Rock
10x Magic Rocks
5,000 GP lot 50 GP lot Hearty claims that these rocks are magical and when thrown, act as magic missles. Only upon using Detect Magic, can you see that these rocks really do have magic to them. To the naked eye, they look like normal rocks.
Healing Potions5x available 8,000 GP 80 GP each 2d4+2 Healing
Dead Rats 100 GP 1 GP Each It’s just dead rats
Broken Drum 500 GP 5 GP Hearty plays this drum before you and accidentally breaks it, he still charges 500 GP for it, even if broken.
You may insert any items you see fit to this roster of wares

Here are his wares hidden in boxes:

Bag of Teeth100x 10,000 GP 100 GP Miscellaneous teeth from a variety of species; all kinds of shapes and sizes. 
Script to a play: The Rising Raven1x 100,000 GP 1,000 GP This is a manuscript to a theater play called the Rising Raven. The script is imbued with magic, and grants the user a + 7 to a Performance Check, as long as they sing the words in the script
Bawdy Gnomish Stories1x 1,000 GP 10 GP Storybook of Legendary Gnome Heroes
Gallons of Ale22x  5,000 GP each 50 GP each Regular Ale
Book:Grimhammer & the Hellish Badlands 1,000 GP 10 GP
Wand of Webs1x 90,000 900 GP Launch webs at your foes, freezing them in place for a turn. This wand can only be used by a Wizard, Warlock, Bard, or Sorcerer. It has 5 Charges and will break upon the 5th use.
You may insert any items you see fit to this roster of wares

Hearty tells you that you’re sailing to Sundertown now where he was last conducting business with the Magistrate, Mathias Hendrukt. Hearty wants to set up a store in Sundertown, since the town’s occupancy has grown in light of refugees. He sees this as a marketing opportunity, but needs the Magistrate to authorize the deal. Hearty may be rogue-like, but he always follows the rules… he claims.

Intro to Sundertown 

Ask about Sundertown and Hearty will describe it as a small town that has a history of magic use. Long ago a powerful mage fell in love with the woods of Sundertown, claiming that magic lived in the woods. He built a large keep and employed many from neighboring towns to come and work in his estate. Peoples from all over journeyed to Sundertown, establishing its township and calling it home. It is said that the mage disliked the strangers who traveled from far off lands, that by them coming the forests magic dissipated. He closed off the keep to all townsfolk. The keep remained shut for many years, no one going in or out.

One day, the doors miraculously opened. Sundertown-ites ventured inside, but to their surprise, the mage was gone! What remained, however, was magical puzzles, challenges, and obstacles. The Old Mage’s Keep turned into a place of horror to the Sundertown-ites. People would enter and never be seen again. 

Eventually the people would figure out the mysteries of the tower, disabling the magical enchantments into the Keep and turning the building into a base for many to use. To this day, the Sundertown folk believe every room has been found and dealt with, but many believe that this Old Mage’s Keep still has secrets waiting to see the light.

COMING SOON: PART 2 Invasion of the Blighthrall

Roda Character Sheet

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Dwarf . Barbarian . Bostonian .
Add Roda to your tables arsenal today. 
Begins at Level 4

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Right from the “pages” of Banshee’s Wail, comes the fiesty, fiery, Roda! While Roda’s background and story remains a mystery, we know that what she lacks in context, she makes up for in damage! When you play as Roda, you embody a strong, tactful leader; always ready for a battle, and never taking nonsense from your opposition.

This character sheet begins at Level 4. Feel free to play as Roda yourself, or add her as an NPC to your world. The sky’s the limit! To get this full character sheet click the button below, input your email address and download the form, and may the dice be in your favor! We hope you enjoy gaming with Roda!

Want to see Roda in action?
Click Here to see Session One of Banshee’s Wail featuring Roda!

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Artwork from Manfrey19

Zoltan Wryann Character Sheet

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Right from the world of Unlicensed Magic, this character sheet will allow you to play as the Cast Iron Kid, himself, Zoltan Wryann. This character sheet begins at level 3.

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Originating from the saga of Unlicensed Magic, Zoltan Wryann is a truly interest character to feature at your table. This character goes through an entire hero’s journey, beginning as a Noble prince and eventually having to choose between the ideologies he’s been raised into or the realities he witnesses on his journeys. There is much more to Zoltan that has yet to be revealed. 

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Zoltan Wryann, Prince of Queldoras

King Alfeas has sent Zoltan on a quest to explore other lands; seeking treasures and artifacts in the name of Queldoras. Zoltan is a young, unruly pup, with an selfish attitude. He cares little for others on his team and seeks only to make his father proud. 

Beyond the ancient mountains of Quel’Dun lies Queldoras, the City of the Righteous. This gem, this shangri-la, this beacon of prosperity, is a place of strength and knowledge for all peoples. Where borders are open for peoples of many walks of life. Universities are on the bleeding edge of discovery, seeking to uncover all the mysteries that the universe holds. Disease is an afterthought in Queldoras, as their doctors have perfected medicine and reduced the impact of aging. 

Magic is restricted to only those with the highest education. Magic is not something to throw around needlessly. Too many wars and conflicts have been caused over magic. Queldoras will not let its citizens suffer at the hands of magic!  Any who challenge this rule will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly. 

At the age of 15, Zoltan swore the Oath of Queldoras, becoming an Oath of the Crown Paladin in the process.

My life I give to my country. With my hands, I fight for King Alfeas Wryann and our forefathers before him. With my mind, I seek ways to better my country. With my feet, I journey to other lands, spreading the joys and promises of Queldoras. With my heart, I hold pride, for I am a Queldoran. On my honor, I swear this Oath.

Oath of Queldoras

Zoltan’s commitment to his homeland must be challenged by his goodness. Zoltan’s dream, to make his father proud, will eventually catch up with him, as he is not an evil person. King Alfeas’s war against magic users will put Zoltan into a position of choosing between his party that he’s grown to care for and his belief system. It’s up to the player to decided what they think is the correct approach. We hope you have  blast playing as Zoltan.

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Airbender 5e Character Sheet

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Inspired from Avatar: The Last Airbender, here’s our take on playing an Airbender 5e in Dungeons & Dragons.

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PC Concept: AIRBENDER MONK! Get All My PC Concepts at Sign up to get the Stats! ##EmilyinParis ##dungeonsanddragons ##dnd ##d20

♬ Avatar: The Last Airbender Theme - Samuel Kim

Having just completed Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, I’ve been inspired to create an Airbender in DND. The hero’s journey and character development that Aang experiences throughout the three seasons of Nickelodeon’s show is absolutely outstanding to experience. I wish other television shows & films were as well thought-out and engaging as Avatar: The Last Airbender is. Our character concept is not a direct copy of Aang as the Avatar himself, but a reimagining of an Airbender Monk that may have come from the Southern Air Temple. We’ve taken the beloved airbenders from the show and brought them into the tabletop world. 

For our Airbender, we’re going to want somebody who’s fast on their feet, can handle close combat, and deals some serious nature damage. We would have to assume that their alignment would be neutral good, if not lawful good. Aang made it clear that killing was not something he believed in. So, our character sheet will focus on support, neutralising threats in a non-lethal way.

Let’s begin with our character’s race. We’ve chosen a Wood Elf as our airbending race. A Wood Elf provides us with high wisdom, access to bows, a bonus to speed, and Mask of the Wild is very helpful to achieve our nature damage goals. 

Other options include Variant Humans for their crucial bonuses to Dexterity, Constitution, or Wisdom; not to mention the awesome feat you begin Level 1 at. A human would also be a much closer representation to the show, So this is a good option if you really want to roleplay from one of the four nations.

Next is our class: Monk. And if you read  the title of this post, you already saw this coming! We take 3 levels in Way of the Four Elements Monk and 1 level in Wizard. With this combo we choose spells like Mold Earth, True Strike, Gust, Feather Fall, Thunderwave, Absorb Elements, Jump, Catapult, & Tenser’s Floating Disk. All of these spells can be used just like Aang or Master Gyatso. 

Choosing Background is a toss up. We could opt for Faction Agent and pick up Insight and Perception, or we take Urchin and pick up Stealth & Sleight of Hand. We felt that Urchin would be the better way to go, because other Airbenders may want to blend in just a little bit better than Aang does throughout the show. He doesn’t exactly try to hide from danger, but we felt you might want to.

This takes us to skills. We’re going to take Acrobatics, Perception, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth to specialize in. This will give us the chance to leap and jump around like Aang, but then also be a little bit more protective; better perceive your surroundings, and be able to hide when needed.

To get this full character sheet click the button below, input your email address and download the form, and may the dice be in your favor! We hope you enjoy this Airbender Monk in DND 5e.

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Handling Difficult Players

Having trouble with difficult players?
Give them The Royal Send-Off!

Create a reason for them to be removed from the game, temporarily. Send them on a quest, throw them down a well, have them kidnapped by the villain; create a situation for your problematic player to be removed from the party.

Allow your group to settle down and return to the main plot normally. Then after some time has passed, re-introduced your player back to the group and explain to them they need to work together.

See the slides below for more information

Questfinder: Banshee’s Wail

“You best start believing in Ghost Stories, Ms. Turner. You’re in one!”
– Captain Barbosa, “Pirates of the Caribbean”


Having just completed their last quest, your party finds themselves lost in the woods, in-route to a new adventure. These woods are unfamiliar. It dark and eerie, as if something is starring at you from behind the brush. Night takes the sky and it feels as though the daylight will never come again.

Ahead of you, laying prone on the road is a human man. His white shirt is stained with blood; he seems to have taken a serious injury. He’s a man on the brink of death. Introduce yourselves to him and he’ll offer you a quest,

Quartermaster Whitley

A plague of undeath has rotted in the core of this land. Too long of exposure to the air would prove lethal. Wounds fester here and lead to swift death. Death isn’t the end, however, as the fallen rise as part of the undead plague.

” The Kelhorn family was the most prosperous family in all of Calsodor. Formally, I was a worker on their farms… before the wretched plague. The Kelhorns were kind to my family and I… gave us a place to live and raise my children. When the undeath began, the Kelhorns fortified their home and convinced those they employed to remain; with intent the employees would serve as a line of defense. In their generosity, they doomed us all to undeath. Now, we are all minions of the plague. Every man, woman, and child who lived on the Kelhorn’s land is now a walking corpse. I am the last one to make it out and my wounds will soon take me.

Here is a key to my personal wealth. Bring me the remains of Dudley, Horst, &  Estrid Kelhorn and I will tell you the location of my wealth. Put down every corpse that walks. Grant them peace in the next life. No one should be forsaken to walk as we have. Should I pass before you return, I will leave a note in my shirt pocket, here, with the location details. Please honor this dying man’s wish of seeing his family put to rest.”

Kelhorn Mills – Outskirts

Whitley tells you to travel North and you’ll find the Kelhorn property. You’ll have to travel a wooded path to get there. Along the way, be prepared to fight small groups of undead corpses. Once humans, these walkers are slow and weak to move. Dispatching them should be done with ease. 

Along the trail, and with a high enough perception check, your players should hear the soft crying of a young girl coming from somewhere in the woods. It sounds like the cry of a child. No matter how hard you try, you can’t tell what direction the crying is coming from.

Once you arrive at Kelhorn Mills, you’ll find three primary buildings in-sight. One to the immediate right, just off the main trail you’ve been walking. A second to the far left, a good distance away. And one far beyond, perhaps, half a mile away and resting on a hill. Connecting these buildings is a large, open, field. No crops will be seen in this field, as the ground is utterly rotted.

The Barn

The building to your immediate right is a barn. Inside you’ll find a pack of ravenous dead feasting upon an unlucky muskrat. There is a rancid odor of decaying dead along the rotted hay upon the ground. There are five dead in this barn. They have no weapons and use only their mouths or claws to attack.

Should a party member be bitten by a zombie, they will need to roll a Constitution check. On fail, they are infected with the undeath plague. More on this later.

Dispatch these undead and loot 15 gold pieces among the group and a small key.


Exit the building to find another five undead just outside the door. They heard the commotion inside and decided to investigate. Dispatch these undead to discover another 6 gold pieces, as well, as an unlabeled potion.

This unlabeled potion is a tonic for undeath. Consume it to cleanse your body of the undeath plague. The party will have to decide if they feel risky enough to drink an unlabeled potion.

The Estate

Travel across the field to the next closest building, the Kelhorn Estate. You may or may not run into 2 more undead as you travel the field; this is up to your Game Master. The building has suffered crippling burns. Much of the third floor has caved in. As the party approaches the house, take a perception check. Those with a 17+ perception will hear the crying of a child, again. This time, it’s slightly more aggressive. And just like last time, you will not be able to determine the direction it’s coming from. Eventually, the crying will fade.

The front door of this house, while scorched from the fire, is still intact. And closed. Inspect it and discover the door is locked. You can break the door down, or simply use the small key you discovered on one of the bodies in the Barn. Enter into the foyer, bodies lay burnt upon the floor. Their belongings, also destroyed. Make your way through the destroyed dining room and turn left to go up the spiraling stairs. The stairs end at the second floor, as the third has been destroyed. Only 1 room can be entered on this floor. Enter and find the room of a young girl. Investigate with a 15 or higher and discover that this room belonged to a Estrid Kelhorn. Of all the rooms, this is the least damaged. Her bed remains, with dust on it. This investigation does not included under the bed or behind the closet door. Her closet door is sealed. The room has certainly been overturned, but not totally destroyed.

Open the door to her closet and find that this room has, in fact, been burned. Her clothing is in ashes. Inspect this closet and find a diary from Estrid. As you open it, you realize the book is written in Elvish. The Kelhorns were Elves. As the group makes this discovery, you’ll hear a rustling coming from under the bed.

All of a sudden, the bed flies to the other side of the room. Roll an acrobatics check to escape it’s path, should you be in the way. Underneath the bed, now revealing itself, is a twisted former-elf. It’s ears now hunched, curled forward. Nails turned to menacing claws. And teeth protruding from its mouth. It’s clear this beast was formerly a male, it can’t be Estrid. While skin is missing across parts of this beings body, you will notice a very bright ring on its finger. This silver ring is an indicator that this elf was once a Kelhorn and must be one of the three Kelhorn you were sent to dispatch.

Dudley Kelhorn

This former elf is not like the undead you have been fighting. He is fast and agile. He hits harder and can tear through armor. Try to keep a distance, as this beast works best in close combat and has a multi-attack. Dudley fears fire, as he has a weakness to fire. Defeat Dudley and loot his ring. This ring is one of three items you’ll need to complete the quest.

Should you use fire, the house will ignite again and completely burn to the ground once the battle concludes. There will be nothing left to explore here once the battle ends, and the house is collapsed.

The Diary

Look further into the diary, and should you speak Elvish, discover that Estrid describes her fears of the coming plague. She says her brother Dudley isn’t afraid of what is to come; that it will pass quickly. Her father, Horst Kelhorn, explains that this plague is coming in the air from another land in the West. The neighboring land of Peltragow was infected first, the lands rotted away and the people are all dead. Allegedly, there’s an alchemist,… or wizard,… or maybe it’s a necromancer, that poisoned the people with a blighted curse! Horst claimed that the humans would all die and that they would be fine, since they were Elves. He told Estrid and Dudley to prepare what they’d need, as they’re going to go hide in the family crypt to the far North of the estate until this plague passes. They’ll be entering through a secret passage at the rear to keep the front gates sealed shut.

Once everyone is dead, they could come out, cleanse the land, and begin anew. Estrid ends her final entry by saying she’s terrified to die and that she misses her mother. Perhaps, if the plague took all of us, we could be reunited with mother, she concludes.

The Hill

Make your way to the final building noted on the hill, which you now know is the family crypt. On the way you’ll now see to the northwest of there are mills and to the right of that, there’s a beachfront connecting to the Alcontryne River. If you approach the front gate, you’ll find that it’s magically sealed shut. There’s door on this gate that has a massive chain and padlock, but even behind the chain there’s magically barrier preventing entry.

Make your way around the west side of the Hill, towards the beach and discover that more undead plague the beaches. The moonlight makes you quite visible to the undead pacing this area. Dispatch these undead and find several pieces of gold. Investigate the area with a 15 or higher and discover a broken bracelet lying just slightly buried in the sand. Whoever picks this up will be overcome with crippling fear, as you see the visage of a young girl in front of you. Her back is to you. Her body is hunched towards the ground, her hands covering her eyes. She is sobbing softly. She turns to you, and just as you make eye contact with her, she fades away. The sobbing continues, even while she isn’t there.

The Crypt

Turn around and head towards the rear of the crypt. To the normal eye, it looks like a typical stone wall. Nothing to see here! Cast detect magic or roll and arcana check to discover there are magical stones on this wall. Tap them each once and a door will shift from the stones. Enter the floor and find a very dusty crypt. Torches are lit and leading down into the basement. Once the door opens, look behind you and see that ghostly girl return for a moment. She only appears to a single player and no other players can see her. Should your player engage with her, she will respond. She does not remember her name. She doesn’t remember what she

Look down the basement stairs to see a barrier of magical protection at the end of the stairs. Go down and discover Horst laying on the floor with his back against the far wall. The floor is covered in blood, a battle took place here. Trails of blood lead from the center of the room to three of the sarcophagi. A dagger rests on the table, blood dried on it. Horst is weak, and blood is soaked into his clothes, but he isn’t the one who’s been bleeding. You’ll see noticeable burns along his arms and up his neck. These burns are magical, in nature.

Approach the barrier and Horst will ask you to leave? He says he will not lower the barrier and that he is waiting to die from using his staff. Horst has been channeling this magical barrier to keep everything out. Overusing his abilities is slowly killing him and as time passes, the barrier shrinks more and more.

He starts to become manic in his speech, describing that he didn’t know it could effect Elves. He just wanted to make the humans comfortable before they died; help his friends. There wasn’t enough time to escape to another land, because it’s already in the air now. He claims the plague must have been altered. Probe him with questions and he’ll reveal that Dudley was bitten by and walking corpse as the Kelhorns attempted to flee to the crypt. Another corpse grabbed Dudley and bit him in the neck, blood poured from his neck and Dudley quickly died. Horst picked up Estrid and began running towards the Crypt, others followed. He looked back only for a second to see his sons form mutate into the monster you found under Estrid’s bed. Horst lost all hope. He realized that the plague can effect anyone, it effects people in different ways, and there was no escape from the undeath.

The party has been infecting themselves with this undeath the whole time. The air has been toxic since they arrived. Should they die and fail all of their Death Saving Throws, they will reawake and as an undead.

The more he speaks, the weaker he becomes. When you ask about Estrid, he begins sobbing. He starts apologizing profusely to his daughter who isn’t there. 

Turn around and see that young, ghostly girl at the top of the stairs. Her back to you, just like on the beach. Horst begs her forgiveness and says that he was trying to save her. He didn’t know that she would become a spirit begins to flicker and horror sweeps over Horst. He begs the party for help claiming that if that spirit enters the chamber, she’ll steal his soul and he won’t be able to cross over.


The intention here is that your party believes Estrid is dead. There is a clear indication that Horst has murdered someone in crypt and split their body into three sarcophagi. He would have done this in attempts to save her from a more gruesome death. By murdering this person, allegedly his daughter, he has damned them to a fate worse than death; she’s now been reanimated as a Banshee. Should she break through the barrier, she will consume his soul and he won’t be able to crossover. If he kills himself with the dagger he wouldn’t be able to crossover either. So he’s decided to cast a barrier until the magic drains him of life.

Moments later the spirit lifts of the ground, lets out a blood curdling screech and flies into the barrier, breaking it open, at last! Her form twists and changes until the cute little girl is no more. She’s now taken the form of a screaming banshee. She picks up Horst and wails at him, draining him of life swiftly. She drops Horst’s body and he disintegrates into ash. Her attention now turns towards the party. She let’s out a bellowing scream and the room begins to shake. Sarcophagi in this room and the floor above begin breaking open and undead start climbing out. Ten undead now fill the room. The Banshee flies out, leaving you in combat with numerous undead.

The Banshee’s Wail

Fight off the undead inside the crypt and you’ll still need to to face the banshee out in the moonlight. The person is no more and cannot be reasoned with. The only way to defeat the Banshee is to burn her corpse and reduce it to zero hit points. You must collect the pieces her father has put in the sarcophagi and burn them underneath the moonlight.

Gather your forces and take the battle outside. It will be waiting for you, hovering over the spot you found the child’s bracelet. Her long hair covers her face. Upon the start of the battle she attacks the party with a wail, revealing her malformed face. Use the Banshee mechanics provided by Wizards of the Coast. When a player gets hit by a wail they must succeed a Con saving throw. On a fail, they drop to 0 hit points. From the rest of the battle on, she will attempt to kill all of the party members.

Remember, the party has been infected with undeath. Should any of them fall to 0 HP and fail 3 Saving Throws, they will awaken as an undead corpse. Consider consulting your players ahead of this battle before using this mechanic, some players don’t want their player character to die. The Banshee should be the strongest fight in the game and take the most rounds. Our Banshee does not pull her punches.

Towards the end of the fight, allow the Banshee to start making casting hallucinations on party members. Let the players think they are fighting a little girl, for a moment. Then snap back to the Banshee. Force the players to make WIS checks to overcome these visions.

Defeat the Banshee and burn the body. Upon completing this battle, the Banshee turns to dust in the air. You’ve freed the spirits of countless victims here in Kelhorn Mills. Those who suffer from Undeath have not been able to pass into the next life. All the corpses you’ve slain have helped people start to rest in peace.

If you defeat the Banshee, but don’t burn the body, it will return 1 hour later and attack the party. She has 25% of her maximum hit points each time she reappears. She will continue to haunt the party until they leave Calsodor.



Collect the three items from each of the Kelhorn family: Horst’s Dagger, Dudley’s Ring, & Estrid’s Bracelet and deliver them to back to Quartermaster Whitley. Return to where you first found Whitley and Discover that he’s tied himself to a tree. In the event he died, he didn’t want to roam around. He wanted to be easy to find.

Sadly, he has died and is now on of the undead. One of the weaker undead, he doesn’t move quickly enough to attack the group, also his hands are bound to the tree. Check his shirt pocket to find a note that says

“Thank you, travelers. I trust that your return means the Kelhorns and my family have been put to rest. The location of my wealth is buried behind the farthest mill back on the Kelhorn property. Before you go, please, put me out of my misery. Let me pass on and return to my family.”

Dispatch Whitley and a vision will appear in front of you. Whitley and his wife appear before you, floating above the air. They are clean and light glows behind them. You see the spirits of Quartermaster Whitley and his wife. Behind him you see the soft glowing visions of the others you’ve freed on the estate lands. Dudley and Estrid stand with another elven woman; who must be their mother. Whitley says “thank you” before all the visions gracefully fade away. 


Journey back to the Kelhorn mills to receive your reward. There are no more walking dead here, so the journey is not very difficult. Venture to the mills and discover uneven ground behind the farthest mill. Begin digging and find a buried chest at four feet deep. Inside is 800 gold pieces and 5 health potion.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Banshee’s Wail!

Journal of Zoltan Wryann

Journal entries from Zoltan, character from Unlicensed Magic


This journal is the property of Zoltan Wryann. If you find this book, stop reading immediately. These entries are not to be read by anyone other than Zoltan Wryann,  Prince of Queldoras, Leader of the Honorbound, and heir to the Throne of Queldor. These entries are for Zoltan’s personal collection alone. Stop reading and burn this book. No one should consume these stories except for Zoltan himself. If you choose not to burn this book; not to do as requested, and you allow the stories and lectures to escape these pages, be warned. Judgement will fall on those who do not obey the requests of a Prince to be King. 

Below, you will find passages detailing The Life and Legacy of Zoltan Wryann.

Entry 1: Swearing the Oath, Part I

I remember so vividly, swearing the Oath of Queldoras.

A normal day, just like the rest. I spent a great deal of the day studying my lessons. Lady Rheann forced me to read the Fourth Chronicle of Karakus three times aloud! That woman constantly berated me from my speaking abilities. 

“A Knight must always present with confidence,” she would say.

I still remember that chronicle to this day! 

“Your mind is powerful, but even you can’t do everything alone. You’ll never build a new organization out of the ashes of a fallen Empire unless you instill new purpose in its former staffers and recruit new, highly motivated wards. . Yes, this may mean getting inside their heads or bridging their minds, but that’s a small price to pay for absolute power“

  • Fourth Chronicle of Karakus; Page 873

I hated those lectures so much. I found them so boring; such a waste of time. And yet, I find myself reflecting on them today. 

I have been away from home for some time now. And I have come face-to-face with men, beasts, and monsters alike.  I have partnered and journeyed with people who hold different beliefs than I. Their faces foreign to me. Their tongues, swift and vile. Their beliefs, problematic. I have worked with outsiders, but I will never resort to the uses of the accursed arcana. Magic is a sickness to this world. It is a perverted plague across these lands. 

I now understand that, yes, my mind is powerful, but I cannot complete this journey alone. If I am to complete my mission, I must ally with outsiders. I must learn from them, study them. With numbers on my side I may complete my quest, pioneer across new lands, and return to my home. I will make my father proud and one day sit upon his throne.

Click Here to Get Zoltan’s Character Sheet