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Game Master Craig’s Kingdoms of Halldora introduces new ways to challenge your players in the 5e Tabletop Role Playing System.
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The KINGDOMS OF HALLDORA is a role-playing adventure about storytelling in a world of political turmoil. The world is about to go to war and it’s up to you and the other players at your table to determine where the chips will fall. The people you meet and the choices you make will shape the world around you. The decisions you make along your path will greatly impact the outcome and future of Halldora.

This adventure is inspired by you. The series of quests and monsters you’re about to uncover could not have come to be without your support and input. Us here at Knights Board are incredibly grateful for your belief and interest in this project.

Let the games begin!

You have countless quests and stories to experience ahead of you. Your adventurers will grow in power as you dive deeper into the story, unlocking new abilities and traits as quests are completed. This adventure is written with the intention of fulfilling a player character’s Hero journey. We want your adventurers to undergo real character growth; learning who they are and what they’re capable of.

Adventure Awaits!

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Prologue #3: Wolf's Bite

The Quest has begun! Our adventurers have been charged with eliminating the threat that harbors the borderlands of Oaklan and then reporting to Commander Shin in the City of Spheris. Will this band of misfits be able to handle the magical forces of the woods?

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Understanding Conduit Magic

Magic works differently in Halldora. Unlike conventional fantasy settings, Halldora’s magic requires the use of a totem, relic, or object to harness power. Halldora’s humans are not capable of creating magic out of thin air, themselves. They must use an item or conduit to harness magical abilities. No one is born with magic, naturally. The gods do not bestow magical abilities.

Humans of Halldora cannot cast spells without holding one of these conduits on their person, whether physically in their hands or attached to their person (ie: around their neck, in their pocket, attached to their belt, embedded into their weapon, etc).

All magic requires the use of a charm, relic, totem, talisman, parchment, journal, or object that’s been imbued with magical abilities. These various objects are considered conduits to those who cast spells. Conduits are special items that have been left behind by The Ancients and discovered by exploring humans. These remnants of past civilizations allow the humans of Halldora to get a glimpse of what life might have been like during the time of The Ancients, when magic was prosperous. Now, magic is all but extinguished, and unavailable to humankind without the pairing of these magical items.

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