What Is A Story? | Hero’s Academy

Before we get into the Hero & the Hero’s Journey, we must first understand what makes up a story. The objective of any writer, creator, artist, or dungeons & dragons player is to tell a story.

A story needs a hero. And that hero wants to accomplish one thing. A story should take place over 48 hours. The story only begins after a precipitating event, before which, there was no story. After this event, the story follows an A-to-B progression.

A: The Hero Wants Something, But Something Stands In The Way

B: The Hero either achieves what they want, or fails.

Anything that doesn’t have to do with getting the hero from point A to B is a non-essential and doesn’t need to be included in the story.

A story requires characters. All characters are there to serve the purpose of getting the hero from A to B. Each character wants something. “Character” itself, is a series of event where people interact to get what they want. What determines “who” the character is is what they’re willing to do to get what they want. The same thing applies to real life. You all want something, but what are you willing to do to get it?

All of these note above come from the great philosopher Aristotle & author

Joseph Campbell. These are the principles used in storytelling across all mediums. How do we relate it to DND then? Simple – Your player character is the Hero of their story. Your dungeon master is a narrator and writer. Your PC goes on this quest to achieve a goal and you’ll discover, in the end, if you succeed or fail. Use these principles when playing next.